By Vernalee
Join the club!
Stress is not a good thing for your emotional or physical wellbeing.
In addition to the uneasiness, it resonates and attacks our bodies like an atom bomb.
Before it gets out of hands, let’s see how we can relieve at least some of it.
Eliminating the cause (of stress) is the greatest solution.
Of course, that is more easier said than done.
Breaking up is hard to do, but no one wants to hold on to something that produces daily anxiety.
Take a deep breathe!
Help is on the way.
Take a look at the natural remedies to rid our systems of stress.
1. Meditate
2. Exercise
3. Aromatherapy
4. Baths
5. Massage
6. Herbal Teas
7. Sleep
8. Diet
9. Cut out/lower screen time (television, laptop, cellphone)
10. Organize
If none of this work, let me provide an element of Biblical counseling.
Here goes.
Matthew 6: 25-27
Phil 4:6
Hebrew 13:5-6
Matt 11:28-30
Luke 12: 22-31.
I close with my favorite and guiding scripture as it relates to stress. It is Matthew 6:34 and it reads, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
That scripture is loaded! I hope that it helps your mental mindset and relieve you as much as it has me.
If you are less stressed, it worked!
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