By Vernalee
What woman doesn’t want to hear sweet things from her man? Feeling sexy and looking sexy can be a catalyst.
Alright get your mind together!
When your man utter those sexy remarks, they make you feel special. In some cases, you can melt like butter. Want to hear a few?
Here we go.
1. “I’m so glad we ended up together.”
2. “I understand how important this is to you.”
3. “Let Me tell you how my day went.”
4. “Let’s talk about this tomorrow. Tonight should be just about us.”
5. “I’ve been fantasizing about you feel good.”
6. “Put this day on your calendar. I’m taking you away.”
7. “I’ll draw you a bath.”
8. “You deserve a long weekend with your girlfriends. I’ll watch the kids.”
9. “I adore your look.”
10. “I’ve always thought it would be fun if you didn’t use your hands.”
11. “Let show the kids our honeymoon photographs.”
12. “I’ll meet you in the bedroom after I finish the laundry.”
13. “The weather’s terrible. Let me pick up the kids from daycare.”
Do know that you have to improvise and relate the referenced comments according to your situation and circumstance. You get the point; right?
Regardless, the bottom line is that all of the comments show love, concern, protection, adoration, and consideration among other dynamics. The need to be pampered, to be shown love, to feel protected, and the security that a man’s presence brings – are just as important as hearing the words.
I love the feeling from those sexy words, actions, and thoughts from a man!
Ladies, can I get an Amen!
And when he says or does any of the above and more …
I feel special!
And what a wonderful feeling that is!
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