By Vernalee
Recently, I ran across this article and thought it was worth a share.
15 Things that Incredibly Happy People do!
1. They turn their mistakes into lessons.
2. They go offline.
3. They don’t sweat the small stuff.
4. They plan getaways.
5. They say thank you.
6. They give themselves a break.
7. They turn a to do list into a game.
8. They build relationships.
9. They don’t blame the past.
10. They fake it till they make it.
11. They take chances.
12. They get their beauty rest.
13. They get moving.
14. They are honest.
15. They don’t compare themselves to others.
Are you incredibly happy according to these 15 items or just incredibly happy period. Why be sad?
If you woke up this morning, that is a great reason to be incredibly happy.
If you are blessed with reasonably good health; a healthy loving family, great friends and companions; a roof over your head; plentiful food to eat; a source of income / an affordable way of survival … are others. Being surrounded by love – having someone to love you that you can love back is great. I count my blessings everyday and I am incredibly happy and thankful to be able to do so!
Photo credit: Thomas Barwick / Getty Images
Source: MSN Lifestyles / Pop Sugar