By Vernalee
Do you want to make some extra money? The answer is probably yes. Let’s go hunting around your house for items that we can translate into dollars. Here’s the list:
20 Hidden Sources of Income:
1. Clothing
2. Designer Shoes & Handbags
3. Jewelry
4. Computers
5. Cell phones
6. Gift Cards
7. Books
8. Children’s Toys
9. Collectible Dolls
10. Furniture
11. Musical Instruments
12. Sporting Goods
13. Sports Memorabilia
14. Antiques
15. Artwork
16. China set
17. Silver
18. Savings Bonds
19. Appliance Parts
20. Video Games.
Now comes the hard part; the challenge. What do you part with; what do you keep for old times sake; what do you sell? The sentimental value of it all… This is not an easy task! My family’s collection of cell phones alone would make me a small fortune. My thought – they will probably be more valuable in a year or two. Oh my! I can’t decide, so I’ll hold on to them for now. This is logical thinking, right? This cognitive deduction is why my children and my antiquated cell phones of old (and pagers, remember those) are still lying around the house occupying precious space and collecting dust! Moving on, I will consult with my adult children (who left the nest many moons ago) on moving the other items. The two of them are great thinkers! Maybe, they can help me declutter. I’ll even give them the cash proceeds. So I asked and they responded. “C’mon Mommy, you can’t possibly sell our Nintendo games, Barbie dolls, xylophone, cell phones, bobble heads, baseball gloves, leather jackets, rocking chair, sewing machine, air brush machine, prom dresses, baseball caps, roller skates, skate boards, footballs, art kits, books, or our first computer. We know that it is a lot, but these items have historical significance; these items have collectible memories for us. Just keep them neatly stored in our closets! Certainly, you can find somewhere in your big house to put your stuff and hang your clothes. When you run out of space, you can always use the garage for extra storage space.” There you have it! See what bringing other folks into your decision making does!
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