By Vernalee
As Yahoo celebrates its 20th birthday, so does the integration of 20 new words that prior to 1995 did not exist. Let’s glance 5 of them.
Blog – Blogs permit us to read about a topic and provide comments. Thank you for following my blog, “Stuff We Talk About.” Please feel free to comment by clicking the “No Comment” Tab to insert your feedback.
Selfie – Use your cell, take a photo of yourself, and send abroad – if you desire. My daughter is a selfie expert.
Text – What would we do without text messaging? How clever to use our phones to write messages rather than talk!
Tweet – This is one of my favorites. Messages from you and to you are limited to 140 characters; short and sweet. Follow me on twitter@stufwetalkabout, #swta, #Vernalee.
Viral – Although I am not technologically savvy, it would be great to have a message go viral for tons of people to see!
Although “Friend” is not a new word, how many friends do you have on Facebook? Better yet, how many do you know? Count your “likes!” Did the relationship intimacy of the word, Friend, get “lost in the sauce.”
Happy 20th birthday …Yahoo! Your birth changed our communication lives!
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