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PostHeaderIcon The note

By Vernalee
If someone’s juvenile tendencies or insecurities prompt them to send a note like this, they are in trouble! If this type of response is received to an obvious question, (irrespective of its immaturity),it is a perilous affair!
Alright, I will give the responder some credit. At least, he / she added a smart aleck clarification to the question along with another box to check. Really! My advice to the original writer is: Think before you write. Love is better shown by actions rather than words! Rationally, think about whom you love and who you think loves you. Seek wisdom and advice. Pull yourself together! Quickly!

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PostHeaderIcon Two words …Can we ever say them enough?

By Vernalee
When I was in Mississippi recently, my Mother taught me through her actions the true meaning of appreciation. Sometimes, we think that we know it all, but there is so much that it left for us to learn. As I cared for her, she said, “Thank you sugar” every single time. I said, “Hey, Momma, I am your daughter, you don’t have to thank me. You took care of me as a baby, now it’s my turn to do the same for you.” Cheerfully, my Momma said, “Always show people that you appreciate them and always thank them regardless of who they are. It speaks to your home training and integrity.” So today, I say “Thank you my dear Mother for truly showing me the true meaning of feeling appreciated and being grateful to those who assist me.” Humility goes a long way! Regardless of what language we say those magic two words, Thank You, we must make it a mental point to let their utterance glide from our lips. Thank you for reading!
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PostHeaderIcon A ghost … he has become

By Vernalee

When the mere thoughts of someone send shock waves through your body, is it time to leave? When there are continuous violations of promised commitment, how can you trust someone who doesn’t keep their word?

When you care not to know someone anymore, they become a ghost, a foreigner blocked out of your memory banks. Do you discontinue associations? Cutting your lost sooner rather than later is smart if you can emotionally detach.

If this person is your man and because of previous hurt, you see not his image anymore, but a mere blurb, he has become an invisible man.

If you can look straight through him as if he was transparent, this is a major problem. During your happier days, the two of you wanted a “transparent” relationship which you could never accomplish. Now, you have it! But now, he is no more in your life, he is a ghost and his name isn’t Casper!

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PostHeaderIcon The awesome truth!

By Vernalee
Liar liar -
In one of our recent conversations, my friend said, “My Daddy told me that you can lock up a thief, but you can’t lock up a liar.” A profound observation if I must say so myself! We can substantially count numerous liars that we interact with or have known. Some of the poetic liars claim that they “do not lie, they merely shade the truth.” Ouch …that cliché hurts as much as their lies do!
I always advised my kids, “Tell the truth so you will not have to manage lies.” If only I could invent a serum that would prevent lies, I would be rich; filthy rich! Until then, maybe I will chant the childhood slogan, “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” Oh my, look at all the scorched pants!
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PostHeaderIcon I am back!

By Vernalee

I’m back! Praise God that my Mother’s health is improving! Thank you for your prayers! Now, I am ready to do what I do best! I am ready to “talk stuff!”

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