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PostHeaderIcon What you don’t know or see may hurt you!

By Vernalee
Photo - person in the hole
The ubiquitous saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” fits this graphic illustration like a glove. It’s a funny thing. The first time I glanced the photo, I missed the obvious, the conspicous view of the ladder. Yet, it was right in front of my eyes. How ironic! Then, I wondered: How many times was there a ladder there for me and the other party did not use it and pretentiously extended their hand. I like others in these types of situations thought that I was being genuinely helped. How sad it was when I found out that it was all an act; that they looked the other way. In fact, I even praised and thanked them for their assistance without realizing that they purposely left me in the hole. Though fully dressed, parenthetically, they left me at my lowest point, half clothed like the person in the photo. The old folks in Mississippi used to always say, “Hard times don’t last always!” What a mighty God we serve, when you are lifted above your circumstances. The cream always rises to the top! If I have said this once, I have said it a hundred times. “God sits high and looks low!” What I missed, he saw! Woe to those who thought that they got away!

PostHeaderIcon Being thown under the bus!

By Vernalee
thrown under the bus
According to the definition, to throw (someone) under the bus means to sacrifice another person (often a friend or ally), who is usually not deserving of such treatment, out of malice or for personal gain.
I hear this colloquial expression all too often. Though it is an idiomatic phrase, its meaning is bigger than life. I am sure that it (being thrown under the bus) has happen to you; as it has me, a few times in life. This act is unquestionably more serious than someone spitefully snitching or being a traitorous “Benedict Arnold,” although these actions are indeed hurtful as well.
To be thrown under the bus is a terrible deed, but to be kicked into the streets beforehand is bona fide cruelty. How can we not argue that this kick is intentional? Unquestionably, with the – egregious kick and throw routine – a person becomes mincemeat by someone purportedly that he / she trusted. Characteristically, the individual is destroyed. The bus ran over its prey with no time for “Rodger dodger” avoidance. It’s harrowing and terrifying! Constituting more than just target practice, a little kick will do it every time! It’s devastating!
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PostHeaderIcon Real friends and Fake friends – They are very different!

By Vernalee
real vs. fake friends
Note: Some things are already written for you, you merely need to duplicate the content. Thus, the referenced proverbial sayings were written well in advance of my use. I did however give editorial credit because I am real and not fake! 
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PostHeaderIcon People, places, things…are not what they always seem!

By Vernalee - fake ads
Buy one, get one free! Drive this car home for $ 99.00, no questions asked! You just won a round trip ticket to Paris! Yours for the asking! Keep in mind that “People, places, and things …are not what they always seem!” Beware of fake advertisements and fake people!
Stop, look, think, and listen!
Everything comes with a price tag, even love ones!
Just read the fine print or stay around long enough to see the real person come out!
If it doesn’t work or if I don’t like it, I’ll take it back and get a refund.
Easy! When it comes to the flesh, take your time, examine, test drive, and see what’s behind the facade.
Once you buy, you cannot take people back…without a cost or consequences! It is called the reality of life …and will slap you hard in the face …no matter what age!
When you learn that “Nothing is free but a Mother’s love,” you have arrived!

Photo reprint: www.huffington
By the way, with the above shoe purchase, you have to make sure that both shoes are the same size /style and for different feet.:-)

PostHeaderIcon The Annoyers

By Vernalee
If I asked you to name someone who gets on your nerves, whose name rolls off your tongue instantly. When that person enters your space, he / she bring chaos, confusion, and upheavals. For some of them, they are so “messy” that it is natural. Their mess is engrained so deep into their personalities that it doesn’t cause them to blink an eye. Their disruptive conduct is standard operating procedures because they are never ever wrong!

Besides, they don’t care how you feel; only their feelings count. Somehow, we manage to keep asking ourselves, why do they do or say heartbreaking things? They are carefree pest! Ignore their ignorance! Stop the madness! Get you some sleep. Remember, the annoyers can sleep like babies because they are as “happy as a lark.” Eventually, just like me, you will get the point once you realize that no one’s feelings are hurt or “nerves are shot”, but yours!
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PostHeaderIcon Workplace Arrogance

By Vernalee
The air in some offices is so thick that it would take a sharp butcher’s knife to slice through it. Some conceited employees carry themselves as if they are God’s gifts to the world. Their heads are so high in the sky that they cannot see the ground. Without further ado, I need not introduce them because I know that you have seen and worked in the same complex with this populous too. They are so lofty that they dare not speak or talk to the so called underlings. If they open their mighty mouths, their words would be condescending because they are so much smarter than you regardless of your educational attainment.
Lines of demarcation are drawn by job titles, position hierarchy, and let me not forget race and other unlawful discriminatory factions. The invisible lines become clearly ostensible as they evidently reflect the persona of the many sons and daughters who occupy the throne of workplace arrogance. Old folks would say, “It doesn’t cost you anything to speak!” If I could roll the dice and put my money on the colleagues who passed by me as if I was not there, I would indeed be a rich woman. Hmmm! Maybe, I should set up shop to collect cash from workers who walk pass “Go” and not dignify me with a greeting, a response, or a turn of their head; they always look in the other direction. I would be a rich woman if I orchestrated such a feat. Maybe, this would be a new profession for me because my colleagues’ self-imposed superiority would certainly put me in good stead to collect lots of funds with little effort. Easy money, I’ll say!
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PostHeaderIcon The love of family

By Vernalee
the mccray family reunion

Family Comes Together
by Glaedr
“Family comes together
For always and forever
In sickness and in health
In poverty or in wealth
Family comes together
For always and forever
Without any reason
Anytime or any season
Family comes together
For always and forever
In death or in life
In happiness or in strife
Family comes together
For always and forever
In anger or in kindness
Whether all seeing or in blindness
Family comes together
For always and forever
Whether for work or for play
They somehow find a way
For family to come together
Because families are forever.”
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As much as family can make us upset, we need them and their love! Think about that at the next family fight or argument that is inevitable to occur!

PostHeaderIcon Giving back

By Vernalee

On one of my consulting gigs, there is a young colleague who calls me Professor. In fact, I am honored every time the word is uttered! I strongly feel that I have the responsibility to enhance, assist and improve my mentee’s career.
I try to show my student the ropes and the short cuts, as I impart knowledge. Assisting others is a process that we should attempt to do. In fact, I enjoy my unofficial capacity of being a mentor. I am of the belief that my protégé is benefitting from my previous experiences and knowledge.
It is a two way process – as I share, my protégé becomes empowered. Ironically, so do I! If the governmental agencies employ mentor – protégé relationships, why can’t we?
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PostHeaderIcon Talk is cheap

By Vernalee
walk the talk

My girlfriends and I were talking yesterday about people “saying one thing and doing another.” The expression, “Talk is cheap” —-has never been truer. Our conversations reflected a recent incident involving a man, of course.

This guy was repetitively texting his lady who was out of town caring for an ill family member. His text message read, “Let me know if you need anything.” When she shared it with us, we burst into laughter! Why? Unanimously, we knew from his prior conduct that it was idle chatter. His cheapskate demeanor has always – kept his cash in his pockets! Why would this be any different? As the “proof is the pudding” so has his assistance to his lady been – zilch. “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing!” This guy is a professional at looking the other way! She and we knew that! It begs to ask – Why do people say things that sound good that they know that they aren’t going to do? Better yet, why do the listeners allow the falsies to continue?

Real men do and not ask! Real women challenge them on their pettiness and storytelling! Conclusively, both parties are irresponsible when one makes a claim that he has no intention of doing and the other lets him get away with it!
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PostHeaderIcon Driving ain’t my style

By Vernalee
I am tired of driving! It’s becoming too much work! I don’t mind the short distance driving to nearby locations. Parking the car, getting fuel, and the associated idiosyncrasies related to travel have become hassles. I desire being picked up and driven from one point to the other. It is so me! Curb side service is definitely my “cup of tea!” There is only one caveat. I cannot afford a chauffeur! But if I ever make it to the land of promise, you will see me sitting in the back seat with a chauffeur pushing the wheel! Until then, to get to my destinations, I just “got to do what I got to do!” Phooey!
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