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PostHeaderIcon He arose!

By Vernalee
On Easter Day, we see children all dressed up in their gorgeous Easter outfits carrying their candy filled Easter baskets and pails. The Easter egg hunts are held … and dozens of eggs are cooked and colorfully decorated. Churches are packed. Chocolate bunnies and the Easter Bunny are everywhere! But Easter is more than a Sunday dress up day and the Bunny Rabbit. Its significance exemplifies the fundamentals of the Christian faith. It is truly the most important date of Christianity. On this day, the Heavenly Father gives us a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For me, watching the movie, “The Passion of Christ” was unbearable. It was too devastating to view the humiliation, degradation, and torture that our Lord received. So Easter is a holy day; a day of forgiveness; a day that Jesus was resurrected three days after his crucifixion; three days after he died for our sins. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifices and love! What a mighty God we serve!
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PostHeaderIcon Are you the driver or the passenger?

By Vernalee

Driver? Passenger? Both have its pros and cons. If you are the driver, for certain you determine the final destination. You control the speed, the stops, and the turns; who you pick up and who you put out. When you are in the driver’s seat, it is imperative that you concentrate. You have to watch your moves and that of the other drivers. More stress, I’ll say.
Of course, there is less stress as a passenger. Passengers can relax, look out the windows, watch the scenery, and see views that the driver can’t see. They also get to same place, if that is their point of destination without the aggravation or stress. If they wanted to go elsewhere, they are out of luck. Basically, it boils down to leading and following. It’s a wonderful thing, if the passenger and driver are in sync. With different views, they can help each other as they collectively navigate their course.
Bottom line: If you keep moving and stay on course, you will arrive – whether you are a passenger or driver! Pick your seat!
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PostHeaderIcon Stumbling blocks

By Vernalee
the pae pae
Everything that could deter you is staring you in the face. Yet, you have a secret weapon; an incredible internal and impelling force. It is called determination and perseverance. Under no circumstance will you quit or give up. Despite the roadblocks, you are the perpetual Ever-Ready Bunny. You keep going and going! You have learned to charge your own battery. Though you do not claim to be a superwoman, you acknowledge the amazing source of your strength. It is God’s unchanging hand ordering your steps and your every move. No wonder, you stay energized!
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PostHeaderIcon The guilty knows no innocence

By Vernalee

Everybody behind bars can’t be guilty because there are too many so-called “innocent” perpetrators daily walking in and out of our lives who are crooks, liars, cheaters, and thieves. They are the best of the best in their crooked professions! They will pick your emotional pockets, and ruin your lives if you let them.
These so-called guiltless chameleons can convincingly tell a lie without blinking an eye. Straight shooters they are!
If they were sent away to Alcatraz, effortlessly they would fit right in. If they attempted an escape, the sharks would swim in the opposite direction! Let’s stop talking about these scum bugs. Let’s call in an enforcer. The likes of a Marshall Matt Dillon type with his imposing “6’6” gap leg walk” could successfully deal with this scheming conniving group. He would shake ‘em up in their boots! Hehe! My girlfriends and I say, “Eliminate the bad folks from our presence; lock them up, and throw away the keys!” If they continue with their monkeyshines, our alias Sheriff Dillon is right around the corner!
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PostHeaderIcon Those grandchildren of ours!

By Vernalee
My grandson just reached a milestone! He is now taller than his petite Mother! Size is intimidating. Isn’t it? When I saw them last week together, my mind wandered back twenty years or so. Grannies always reminisce. It’s an endearing, enjoyable reflection that refreshingly takes us back to our beloved younger days. I remember when my son became taller than me! As the old folks say in Mississippi, “he was feeling himself!” With my parental authority, I had to quickly “cut him down to size.” I told him, “There is only one grown person in this house and it ain’t you! And for the record, no matter how tall you get, you will forever look up to me!” It worked then and it works now! I suspect that my grandson’s Mother will say those identical words to her son as soon as he “tries” her! And he will! Our children always push us to the limits only to be cut down to size! When the general gives orders, the troops line up. We Mothers are generals; commanding generals at that! Attention!
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PostHeaderIcon A bittersweet story!

By Vernalee
Caution: If this is your story, you have time to change the ending before it’s too late.
The Tale of a Successful Journey:
You worked long and hard, year after year to make it to the top! You are there… finally! Congrats! The scenery is stunningly beautiful. A big house, luxury cars, comfy furniture, maid service, a personal chef / trainer, and no financial worries are at your fingertips. There is one thing that is missing. You have encountered a realization; one that you neglected for all those years. You were so busy working and not caring about folks as you selfishly climbed, that you alienated, walked over, and hurt many souls on your ascension. You didn’t want a companion to climb the mountain with you; you considered it extra weight. Certainly, it could hold you back! You had to go it alone. You insisted! It must be your way or the highway! Perseverance pays off! Alas, you made it! There is however one problem. You are extremely lonely on top of the world by yourself! Maybe, you can pick up the pieces and find someone to be by your side; to enjoy the splendors with you. Don’t look on the side of the road. You kicked too many people to the curb on your way up!
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PostHeaderIcon A birthday gift that paid off

By Vernalee
Birthdays…we love the celebrations. It is the one day of the year that it is all about us! We get gifts, cake and ice cream. Yum! Many of our celebrations spill over into the workplace. Such was the case recently with a distant friend. In a decorative wrapped box, he received some interesting goodies:
2 -40 oz. Bottles of St. Ives beer,
1 – bucket of chicken,
1 – watermelon, and
1- lottery ticket.
You have probably guessed that my friend is Black and his gift giving colleagues are White. So, two white guys gave a 6’5″ tall Black man, gifts that had inherent racial overtones. Scary! It was hilariously amusing to them; no different from the folks who drew caricatures of the White House with watermelons growing on President Obama’s lawn as if he is the “Farmer in the Dell!” Go figure!
Playing the race card may produce unanticipated results. Remember that lottery ticket…. Well it hit the jackpot! The winner took his proceeds and bought a palatial ranch, planted a watermelon garden, raised chickens, and sat in his hot tub drinking champagne instead of beer; all courtesy of his former White colleagues who purchased the winning ticket! He is now a Black millionaire who no longer has to work! Who’s laughing now? The joke is on them … And they get sick every day when they punch in at work! Money knows no color. It is always a spendable green. Cha Ching!
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(A fictional account of the absolute truth).

PostHeaderIcon Preaching – Martin Luther King, Jr. Style

By Vernalee
Martin Luther King -
With this week’s commemoration of the Civil Rights Act 50th Anniversary, my thoughts have been reflective of those times. In the mid 1960’s, my Daddy took us to hear Dr. Martin Luther King speak in Jackson, Mississippi. As kids, we were not really as attentive as we should have been. We did not recognize his significance and had no idea that his life would be cut short. Several years ago, I toured Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. I wondered what it would have been like to be sitting in the congregation to hear the Rev. Dr. King preach. His eloquence and powerful delivery would have I am sure sent chills down my spine. I know that the Ebenezer parishioners were probably shouting, “Martin, preach the word!” Although I was not privileged to be at Ebenezer during his pastoral reign, his speeches always had a majestic Godly flavor. “I have been to the mountain top. My eyes have seen the glory.” Forty six years since he walked on this earth; his recorded words are just as fresh, powerful, and meaningful today as they were then. Let the church say, “Amen!”
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PostHeaderIcon The signing of the Civil Rights Act: Memories from the Mississippi Delta

By Vernalee
April 10, 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act.
President Obama said that because President Johnson signed this bill, “New doors of opportunities and education swung open for everybody.” Agreed! I as he was among that group.

As a ten year old girl living in the heart of the Mississippi delta in a “no traffic light, drive through the entire community in five minutes town,” I vividly remember the celebratory mood of my parents, the Black residents, the civil rights activists and freedom fighters who had emerged upon our racially segregated town. Glen Allan, Mississippi, was and is a community where an invisible line of racial demarcation determined who lived where. The Black population resides in the colloquial labeled “Back” and the Whites live on the “Front” – sections ; then and now.

Without question, April 10, 1964 left a lasting impression. On this day, I intensely remember that a prominent White businessman made his historic statement that rang loudly through the “Front” and the “Back” section of town. Actions always speak louder than words, but we were told that this White businessman had a number of colorful choice words, mostly profanity and racial epithets that accompanied the flamboyant deed that he was about to perform. He aimed his gun and shot President Johnson. That’s right! He gunned down the President! He didn’t miss him because he shot the Prez on his living room television set as he appeared with Martin Luther King and others signing the historic Civil Rights Act! It was a remote, well orchestrated assassination of President Johnson’s actions! Thus, on April 10, 1964, the Civil Rights bill was celebrated with one less television set in Mississippi amidst thousands of doors being “swung opened” nationally for the disenfranchised “have nots.” On this past Thursday, I witnessed the inaugural 50th Anniversary salute as I watched four American Presidents at the LBJ Library in my living room on my television set!
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PostHeaderIcon The good, The bad, The ugly

By Vernalee
In a small manufacturing plant, there were three men with the same first name. Whenever the foreman verbally directed a task order, all three answered. It was so confusing that he realized that he had to develop a new system. One of his subordinates suggested that he called them, Clint, Lee, and Eli respectively. Here’s the catch because there is always one. Their names coincided with their character traits. You see – one was a good guy; the other was always doing bad things. The third guy’s actions were downright ugly. So to make things simple, their newly established work names coincided perfectly with the characteristics of the respective movie actors. Go Clint, Lee, and Eli with your triplet behavioral lookalikes. I am sure that you know three people who may not necessarily have the same first names, but they certainly fit the bill of possessing the same defined characteristics being that of good, bad, and ugly. A star, or should I say three stars are born and two of them drive everyone nuts!
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