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PostHeaderIcon My “spanxing” body: Part Two

By Vernalee
A report to my reading audience: Drum rolls please!
Do you remember the spanx undergarment that I purchased a few days ago? Well, I am pleased to report that it worked! It was very slenderizing! I am sold!
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PostHeaderIcon Too many cooks in the kitchen

By Vernalee
boom town roi
Too many cooks in the kitchen” is an idiom that lives up to its true meaning once you walk through the doors of the Company Of No Returns. Instead of electronic widgets being generated on their assembly line, they produce inefficiencies, confusion, chaos, and sadly a substandard product. Stephen Covey would have a field day there! Instead of his New York Times best seller, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” might the title be, “Seven Steps of Gross Negligence until the Company is destroyed?” Unfortunately, it is predicted by local business analysts that this company’s poor operational and management decisions will continue. Their fertilization for impending doom will spiral deep into the soil until the company is “worn into the ground.” Like a cliff hanger, everyone is sitting on the edge of their chairs watching and wondering what ingredients the cooks are stirring up for their inevitable Last Supper!
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PostHeaderIcon Riches show up in the heart

By Vernalee
born rich
The richest people in the world are not always in castles or palatial estates. They may be everyday people who have big hearts; people who are willing to give you the shirts off their backs; people who may not be high on the occupational totem poles, but whose desire for you to be successful and achieve phenomenal success touches the stratus clouds. I know them all too well! I just saw a few of them walking the poverty stricken streets in Glen Allan, Mississippi. These good people are not just confined there; they are scattered throughout the country. Their rare find qualities make them mystical millionaires because they graciously share what has been given to them. In fact, they are no different than the poor widow who Jesus met. She put in her last two cooper coins; all that she had. She did not give out of her surplus; rather out of her poverty. She is my “kind of girl.”
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PostHeaderIcon Nothing beats going home!

By Vernalee
99% of the time, I fly from Cleveland, Ohio to Jackson, Mississippi and rent a car to travel to my home, Glen Allan, Mississippi which is off the beat and path. This time, however, it was a road trip, a caravan of multiple cars – and what an adventure it was. Laughter, talking, reminiscing from my nieces and daughter …. filled the car. I remember my Cleveland, Ohio pastor who is a native of Cleveland, Mississippi talk about his family’s road trips to Mississippi. On their pilgrimages, Pastor Harris said his Mother would pack shoe boxes filled with crispy fried chicken , lemon pound cake accompanied by a loaf of bread. Somehow, that day old chicken tasted like it had just come out of the frying pan! We didn’t have the chicken and cake, but we had a car full of love! It is amazing how the 1000 mile trip becomes a family sedative; a pill of forgiveness, and an antidote of burying the emotional hatchet that has been carried within our family for years! Sometimes, you can carry bitterness for so long that you cannot remember from whence it came! Sadly, sometimes the uniting factor that most often brings all family members together is death. Today, this fourth Sunday in September, I call for family love, support and unity. It certainly beats the dysfunction of its alternative; chaos and hostilities.
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PostHeaderIcon My “spanxing” body!

By Vernalee
2325_slimmer-and-shine-open-bust-mid-thigh@2xI am a late bloomer. So, I am about to give spanx a try to work its purported miracles! Most of you know that spanx is a undergarment designed to give your body a more slimmer and shapely appearance. What a wonderful invention! I wish that I had thought of it, but my day is coming! Nothing beats shaving off the pounds! We women want our appearance to be suavely impeccable. To look 5-10 pounds smaller is the name of the game. Does spanx work? Give me a day or so and I will be able to tell you. Watch for my report!
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PostHeaderIcon Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

By Vernalee
www.pininterestKeep your friends close and your enemies closer!
It hit me like a ton of bricks. I would not in a million years have thought that the person in question could be that ruthless or sinister. He didn’t look like he would hurt a fly. How many times must we be reminded that looks are deceiving? So when a colleague told me that Mr. Doe had robbed her blind and wiped out her bank account, I was flabbergasted; speechless to be exact!
How did it happen? He was her close friend, business colleague, and confidante. Apparently, he became too close for comfort; she let down her protective shield. As such, she subjected herself to carelessness. “Familiarity does breed contempt.” It is easy to throw caution to the wind when you think that your inner circle loves you. Our relaxation and comfort zones ultimately make us easy prey; “in range” target practice for the ill-intended. It is imperative that we “stay on point; that we keep our guards up.” We must daily wear our weighty protective gear, though heavy it becomes! We must keep our friends close and our enemies closer. By doing so, we have vision of both!

PostHeaderIcon It’s Over!

By Vernalee
It’s Over!
Summer, that is!

In the Northern hemisphere, the summer solstice officially started on June 21, 2014 at 6:51 a.m., Eastern Standard Time. Yesterday, September 22, 2014 at 10:29 p.m., the autumn equinox begun; thus, ending the days of summer.
For those of us, like me, who live in colder climates, gone are the warm days. The coolness has already started. The jackets have come out of the closets. Our furnaces have been ignited. Before long, the winter days will appear along with the dreadful cold weather and snow flakes. Admittedly, I am not a fan of cold weather. My native Mississippi warm blood has never left despite the decades of my living in the north.
Yes, the summer is over and I’m not happy about it. I wish I could keep the warmness here, but unfortunately I cannot. Therefore, I shield my body from the coldness with warmth – winter coats, hats, scarves, and the like. Then, I do the next best thing! Year round summer living – down South – here I come for a few days at a time. Let the trips begin! Au Revoir!
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PostHeaderIcon Are you addicted to your cell phone?

By Vernalee
Are you addicted to your cell phone?
Before you answer this question, let me share how I and so many others use our cell phones.
1. First and foremost – To talk. It is right at my fingertips to be spontaneously used.
2. To store numbers. I don’t know anyone’s numbers anymore. They are all stored in my phone. Why use my memory when I don’t have to? I know that there is a danger in that theory, but it works for now. (By the way, I only personally know one person who doesn’t store his #’s and directly dials out all the time. He is so secretive that I am convinced that he is hiding something or someone! However, that’s a blog post for another day.)
3. To canvass Social Media sites. Please follow me on twitter at #swta, #Vernalee, and follow my daily blog, Here I go again with my marketing!
4. To send text messages and emails. I am up on all the abbreviated shortcuts. R U ?
5. To play games. This is a shout out to all my candy crush fans.
6. To provide directions. Nothing beats a guiding handheld GPS when you are directionally challenged.
7. To serve as my personal secretary by maintaining / reminding me of my appointments. For those entrepreneurs who have no personal administrative assistant, this is a great fringe benefit.
8. To take photos and shoot videos. Do anyone still use the traditional cameras?
9. To tell time. I wear watches for fashion purposes. I love my cellular alarm ringtone to wake me up.
10. To listen to music and download my favorite iTunes; to watch HBO Go.
11. To browse the Internet. Google is my favorite.
12. To read my favorite magazines. Black Enterprise was just downloaded. How convenient!
13. To check the stock market. Check the Nasdaq; feel important even if you do not own stock! Why not?
14. To serve as my personal baby sitter when I am waiting on someone who is late and don’t want others to stare me in my face.
15. To use my Face Time application to talk to my love ones. I have asked them to give me a 3 minute warning so that they don’t catch me looking my worst. Oh well!
16. To check the weather. I daily check the temperatures in Cleveland, Ohio, but also in my hometown in Mississippi. Then, I get depressed when it is snow on the grounds here and the Mississippi temp is in the 70’s.
My list goes on and on …. so I guess that I am addicted! Think about it! The cell phone is so versatile that although it was meant to be at our ear and mouth to hear / talk; many of us use it more to transmit messages non-verbally. We can hide behind our small cellular devices and avoid verbal communications by sending written messages via text and emails. Why hear their voices when you don’t want to be bothered? It is so much easier to write what you don’t have the courage to say.
For the record, that was not me that you saw standing in the line last week for 8 hours waiting to pick up the newly released iPhone 6!
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PostHeaderIcon Read the Word!

By Vernalee
Some years ago when I was on my first journey of “Walking through the Bible” in one year, I vividly remember crying when reading the scriptures leading up to Moses’ death. I had grown so close to him. I felt as if I personally knew Moses. Maybe, it was from visualizing his character in the movie, “The Ten Commandments” or maybe, it was just the closeness that one develops when there is daily contact. Your daily biblical reading provides unbelievable closeness to God. It is a communicative exchange; a fluid dialogue of sorts. Through your faith, you realize that God loves you, provides rules to protect you, and will never leave you. What an awesome feeling! Happy Sunday!
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PostHeaderIcon Just chilling!

By Vernalee
Saturday is usually my “runaround” day, but today I am “staying put.” My plan is to do nothing and I mean nothing! I plan to rest and relax! I owe it to myself!
Join me in the relaxation process if you like….. but stay at your house!
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