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PostHeaderIcon Clint Eastwood will get the job done!

By Vernalee
If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, you couldn’t make anyone believe that this workplace bully is allowed to ignorantly insult the staff. He is out of control! Isn’t harassment a prohibition protected by law? Absolutely! Terrorizing the employees is the bully’s specialty. His inherent duplicitous behavior is like wine. They say that he has gotten worse with time; tyrannical maturation! Question? How can he get away with these violations? Why do those in control turn a deaf ear? If the boss doesn’t have the courage to discipline him and reel him in, he can do what other corporate executives have done. Call Clint Eastwood! He will drive him out of Dodge City and make the bully rock in his boots! Clint is perfect! Because he can skillfully play contrasting roles, Clint can stop the bully as Josey Wales or Dirty Harry. Oh yes, I would love to see Clint chew a little tobacco, spit the juice on the bully’s boots, dare him to insult anyone else, and best of all “Make his day” as unpleasant as the bully has made others! Yee-haw!
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PostHeaderIcon What you see is not always what you get!

By Vernalee
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PostHeaderIcon What people say …. can tear you apart!

By Vernalee
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” How many times have I sarcastically repeated that nursery rhyme in a pretense that nothing said by others could ever get to me. How wrong was I! As I matured, I recognized that negative words can bruise. They can hurt significantly! They even sting! Ouch! Words stay with you after the bruises from the stones leave! Oh yes … words … big or small; fancy or simple; good or bad – reflect others emotions and they can become trapped within our souls. The memory of what someone said can stick like glue! Words can bring you down or lift you up! Positive words can make you feel like a million dollars; the opposite can cause a spirit of worthlessness. Negativity in speech can be excruciatingly hurtful particularly from people you love. The mouth from whence the words came is just as significant as what was said. Whether the words were hurting, offensive, loving, endearing, knocked you out, positive, or negative, never underestimate their power! For sure, we cannot ignore their effect. Sometimes, we have to live with their piercing and the resonating of their sounds being played over and over like a taped recorder in our minds. Erasing them can be an arduous, if not impossible. So often, we simply have to deal or heal from the effects of their sounds!
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PostHeaderIcon Beautiful art can take your breath away!

By Vernalee
Art comes in many shapes and sizes.
$ 1.65 million dollars are spent on this particular art form every year.
A huge industry, I’ll say!
45 million American claim at least one!
The younger the age, the more plentiful!
The guessing game is over!
The art to which I refer is tattoos.
No longer referred to as strange, tattoos can be found anywhere on the body these days.
Alright, I must candidly confess that at 60 something, I don’t have a tattoo, but just about everyone I know does!
Approximately 40% of adults ages, 18 – 40 have at least one tattoo. Check this out! 14% of all Americans (all ages) have at least one tattoo. Are you surprised? That’s not even counting the multiple tattoos. Despite the fact that folks claim that the process is painful, they run to the parlors and get them in various colors, styles, shapes, and designs. So, I guess when it comes to tattoos, I am in the old fashioned minority despite the fact that I am a lover of art! I just prefer to view beautiful art on my walls and shelves, and not on my body.
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PostHeaderIcon Don’t look back!

By Vernalee
Heed counsel! Move forward. When you escape badness, don’t look back! Don’t yearn what was left behind. Be thankful, that you were spared from harm. Remember, what happened to Lot’s wife as they were leaving Sodom and Gomorrah. In Genesis 19:17, the angels explicit instruction was “Flee to the mountains. Dont look back and Don’t stop anywhere on the plain. Flee to the mountains or you will be swept away.” Disobedience to God’s instructions resulted into Lot’s wife losing her life as she was immediately turned into a pillar of salt! Genesis 19:26 tells us that she looked back; she did not heed the warnings! Our destiny and life depend upon our obedience to God’s word. Disobedience has a steep price! A price that we do not want to pay!
God bless! Happy Sunday!
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PostHeaderIcon Cupid pull back your bow!

By Vernalee
Listen to a little Sam Cooke today singing “Cupid” or tunes from your favorite singer. Relax! Spend the day enjoying the company of your “love jones.” Hopefully, romance, particularly if it is long overdue will be in the air. Wouldn’t that be lovely! It’s Valentine’s Day! What’s on your agenda? Is it candlelight dinner, a night on the town, or just being in the arms of your partner treasuring the moment? Enjoy being treated extra special as you treat your “boo” with loving kindness! I am sure that Cupid is flying around somewhere in your neighborhood with his bow and arrow! Let this Valentine specialness occur everyday of the year!
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PostHeaderIcon How savvy are you … with text messaging?

By Vernalee
GWTP, Get with the program… the text messaging program, that is! Our world is high tech!
Probably for the first time in history, our youngsters know more than us grown folks about the subjects of text messaging and social media unless we are IT professionals. They are the teachers; we are the students! Scary thought; isn’t it? We, the “over 55 years of age and counting” crowd know the standard text acronyms, like LOL (Laugh out Loud) and XOXO (Hugs and Kisses), but we are in the dark on many others. Let’s look at a few more and become educated. Here goes!
BTW – By the Way;
BCNU – Be seeing you;
ILY – I love you;
FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation;
L8R – Later;
MHOTY– My hat’s off to you;
TMI– Too much information;
WYWH – Wish you were here.
Just when you think that you have come of age, then new lingo appears. Just the other day, one of my great nieces, texted Code 9 – which means – a parent is around!
Then, I realized as I was SMH that I am SITD!
Interpretation for us older guys: Then, I realized as I was Shaking my Head that I am Still in the Dark!
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PostHeaderIcon One bad apple spoils the whole bunch!

By Vernalee
Incompetencies have roots! It grows deeps within organizations. Through one incompetent manager, the entire team can look bad. If you are a gardener, you know that “one rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch” if it lays there! Smart farmers throw out the bad seeds and the bad fruits! Corporately speaking, outsiders generally view the composite organizational performance rather than individual accomplishments, particularly when they don’t really know the worker. How do they know that you adequately did your job, but as you pushed your content up the stream, it did not flow downward? They don’t! It is highly likely that you may be viewed as the problem or the inept performer! How will a person outside the process know that your work production may still be an unread email, a stalled decision, or Heaven knows what else! So for your professional reputation, be smart enough to let others know that you are not as dumb as the “rotten” bunch. It’s not traitorous; it’s called preservation of your professional integrity!
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PostHeaderIcon Valentine gifts for him and her…

By Vernalee
mile high kit. com
According to Yahoo / Shopping, the ten most searched Valentine Day Gifts for women are:
1. Flowers (Long stem roses are glam…but a dozen of any will do);
2. Spa Gift Cards (A day of pampering will make any woman go Hmmm);
3. Weekend Getaways (Pick a fun location because we can share);
4. Chocolate ( Yummy…besides it is an aphrodisiac);
5. Concert Tickets ( Stevie Wonder is hot right now);
6. Tablets (The one with the adjustable kickstand is very practical. Don’t forget to purchase the built in WiFi);
7. Perfume (I just received a Flower Bomb fragrance set, but Gucci blends perfectly with my skin);
8. Jewelry ( Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend);
9. Gift Baskets ( Have it delivered so that I can show off);
10. Pajamas ( silky ones or the kind that I can wear outside like an outfit).
Showing love and affection is great everyday of the week. It is always the thought behind the gift! Since Valentine’s Day is gender neutral, I provided gift ideas for that special man as well. For men, according to, some of the gift recommendations are as follows:
Beard oil, Harry’s Shaving set, Home State Print, The David Foster Wallace Reader, Nixon Time piece, IPad / Laptop Case, Subscription to his favorite publication, Converse Chuck Taylors, Customized Flask, and An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails. There were 20 suggestions listed. I included ten to keep the slate equal. Admittedly, the male list doesn’t look as enticing as the gift ideas for females. Don’t look at me; I didn’t make the list! Maybe the conclusion is – We women should get more and be pampered more extravagantly! Just saying!

PostHeaderIcon Just like the sands in an hour glass…

By Vernalee
It’s once again time for awards! The selections are great! You have the manager who throws objects down the hall; the colleague who pulls gags all day; the gossipy incompetent coworker who uninvitedly goes from office to office; the supervisor who talks down to folks using such expletive language that can’t be written lest alone repeated. This office rivals any Hollywood or a NYC movie set! Beware – if the environment is crazy, it may rub off on you! Reportedly, one of the nominated workers was spotted in the audience at the Golden Globe Awards. For sure, she can put Viola Davis or Nicole Kidman to shame! They act their parts; she lives her role! She has been known to loudly degrade folks as she jets through the office on her broomstick (which she expensed on the company’s American Express card). Pardon me, her name isn’t television’s Samantha Stevens … although she is Bewitched! It’s contagious because she has expertly taught her male counterpart the ropes.  His magical tricks run like  water flowing downstream.  If he gets caught, he swears that it wasn’t him. Lying is one of his best attributes. It came naturally; he didn’t have to learn it! He’s magical! Very talented, he knows how  to make furniture, money, phones, cars, and computers disappear.  Shazam! He doesn’t travel inferiorly; he always upgrades to first class seating while extravagantly touring the world on the company’s dime! What a way to go! He frequently puts others in hypnotic trances with the snap of his fingers! It’s all in a day’s work of deceit! Anyway, these are the two contenders. Who won? Aw shucks, they were tied! They are both like the sands in an hour glass!
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