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PostHeaderIcon I’m not letting you hold me down!

By Vernalee
There are always obstacles and deterrents. Roadblocks do exist. Troubles will arise. There have been those who have created interferences in my game plan. But I am determined. I might “give out,” but I will not ” give up” on my dreams and goals. People and things have turned me around and upside down, but I refuse to let them pull me down. Do know that I am not “all that!” Like most people, I have fallen by the wayside; not once, but many, many times! I have picked myself up and I have been picked up. So many hands have lifted me! Let me confess; right here and now! I have a secret weapon, the spirit and power of The Lord! With God by my side as a resource and guide, I continue! I stand! I rise!
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I dedicate this blog to a special young lady. Keep climbing; keep pushing; keep God by your side!

PostHeaderIcon A kick in the butt!

By Vernalee
Stop the madness! A colleague called me and said that a man was ill behaving at her job! What’s going on? In her lovely southern accent, she replied, “Nothing! It’s just business as usual around here. One of our top executives is letting an employee “have it…again!” He was so loud that the entire staff walked out into the hallway to see what the commotion was all about! No one wants to miss a good fight! He yelled at the employee and said, “If you don’t do it; I will put my foot up your derriere!” (Excuse my French derivative; he used profanity, the “A” word, to be exact!). He was cussing up a storm! When I said, “Rest assured, this executive will be suspended or severely disciplined,” she started laughing loudly and uncontrollably! I asked, “What’s funny?” She replied, “Nothing is going to happen to him! He does this at least two or three times a month. Insults flow from his tongue like water from the faucet. Besides, he and the boss are drinking buddies!” Astonished, I am still shaking my head at his askew behavior! Unfortunately, the poor employee who got the threatened “boot” can’t sit down. His behind is bruised with scars of repetitive emotional insults! Whether we call the place “where we sit,” our butt, derrière, tush, booty, tail, posterior, caboose, behind, cheeks, rear end, a___, rump, or “junk in our trunk,” it doesn’t matter; the effect is the same! A kick hurts! Ouch! To get even, the employee shouted as the executive left the building, “Let the door hit you where the good lord split you!” Kaboom … as euphemisms, spit, and feet are flying all over the place! Yowser!
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PostHeaderIcon A taste of your own medicine!

By Vernalee
The countdown has begun. It’s like watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in NYC. All eyes are on our buddy who has embraced everyone with the utmost inferior and disgusting treatment. A top notched schemer, he has lied, cheated, talked to most folks like trash …. and escaped punishment. He has mistreated so many people. All reigns come to an end! Of course, no one is wishing him any harm (I don’t think), but all are watching to see his yellow belly cowardly disposition escape his presence when the ax falls! We are not in the Horseshoe Casino, but wagers are being taken that he cannot take a mini sip of his own medicine. He couldn’t swallow one ounce of what he has poured out! Sure, he’s a “pill,” and has always been. I am not a high roller, but I have a respectful $50.00 wager on the table that he cannot take it! What’s your bet? Ante up! I don’t mind if yours is higher! We will have more dollars to spend collectively when we watch him uncomfortably “lay in the bed that he made for himself!” Pity those who can dish it out , but cannot take it in!
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PostHeaderIcon Pope Francis … Following Jesus’ footsteps!

By Vernalee
Following in the evangelistic footsteps of Jesus, Pope Francis walked the streets of D.C., NYC, and Philly.
Though I am not Catholic, I like most have been captivated by the Holy Father Pope Francis’ visit to America. Enthusiastic crowds have lined the streets waiting to catch a glimpse of him.
Watching this, I couldn’t help but take a historical ride in time back to the days of the most high, Jesus Christ. Mentally, I can visualize how people of that day were immerse into mesmerization at the sight of God’s son when he was on earth! Jesus showed upmost humility, phenomenal wisdom, and great love. His love for people, particularly children was evident. The Gospels provide countless scriptural references showing the electrifying crowds’ awe and desire to be in Jesus’ presence as he walked, talked, preached, healed, blessed, and prayed! From the account in Matthew 4:25, we learn that
“Great crowds followed him from Galilee and the Decapolis, and from Jerusalem and Judea, and from beyond the Jordan.”
Touching him was a healing in and of itself as evidenced by the woman who touched the hem of his garment. Taught by his Father, everyone regardless of wealth or status was the same in his eyes! What we see in Pope Francis, though big, is a small demonstration of what Jesus did. Pope Francis travels in his Fiat and Pope Mobile; Jesus traveled by foot, but was humble enough to wash the feet of others! Jesus, the holiest of holy, the king of kings, the son of God could do as no other. He walked on water, healed the sick, raised the dead, and performed incredible miracles for all eyes to see. Remember, how he feed 5,000 males (possibly a total of 15,000 – 20,000 people when counting women and children) from a diminutive 5 loaves of barley bread and 2 fish.
Imagine John the Baptist baptizing Jesus. “Jesus rose from the water as the Heavens was opened and he saw the Spirit of God descending upon him like a dove and alighting on him!” What a pictorial sighting! Greater than any man, Jesus died, rose on the third day, and appeared on earth for his followers to see. Because of his death, all mankind can enjoy everlasting life! Sitting on the throne next to our Heavenly Father, we are blessed as we can be born again through water baptism and be forgiven for our sins. What a mighty God we served! There is no greater love! Thank you Heavenly Father!
Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus! No one gets to the Father except through Jesus! Happy Sunday! God bless!
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PostHeaderIcon Are you addicted to your cell phone?

By Vernalee
Are you addicted to your cell phone?
Before you answer this question, let me share how I and so many others use our cell phones.
1. First and foremost – To talk. It is right at my fingertips to be spontaneously used.
2. To store numbers. I don’t know anyone’s numbers anymore. They are all stored in my phone. Why use my memory when I don’t have to? I know that there is a danger in that theory, but it works for now. (By the way, I only personally know one person who doesn’t store his #’s and directly dials out all the time. He is so secretive that I am convinced that he is hiding something or someone! However, that’s a blog post for another day.)
3. To canvass Social Media sites. Please follow me on twitter at #swta, #Vernalee, and follow my daily blog, Here I go again with my marketing!
4. To send text messages and emails. I am up on all the abbreviated shortcuts. R U ?
5. To play games. This is a shout out to all my candy crush fans.
6. To provide directions. Nothing beats a guiding handheld GPS when you are directionally challenged.
7. To serve as my personal secretary by maintaining / reminding me of my appointments. For those entrepreneurs who have no personal administrative assistant, this is a great fringe benefit.
8. To take photos and shoot videos. Does anyone still use traditional cameras?
9. To tell time. I wear watches for fashion purposes only. I love my cellular alarm ringtone to wake me up.
10. To listen to music and download my favorite iTunes; to watch HBO Go.
11. To browse the Internet. Google is my favorite.
12. To read my favorite magazines. Black Enterprise was just downloaded. How convenient!
13. To check the stock market. Check the Nasdaq; feel important even if you do not own stock! Why not?
14. To serve as my personal baby sitter when I am waiting on someone who is late and don’t want others to stare me in my face.
15. To use my Face Time application to talk to my love ones. I have asked them to give me a 3 minute warning so that they don’t catch me looking my worst. Oh well!
16. To check the weather. I daily check the temperatures in Cleveland, Ohio, but also in my hometown in Mississippi. Then, I get depressed when it is snow on the grounds here and the Mississippi temp is in the 70’s.
My list goes on and on …. so I guess that I am addicted! Think about it! The cell phone is so versatile that although it was meant to be at our ear and mouth to hear / talk; many of us use it more to transmit messages non-verbally. We can hide behind our small cellular devices and avoid verbal communications by sending written messages via text and emails. Why hear their voices when you don’t want to be bothered? It is so much easier to write what you don’t have the courage to say.
For the record, that was not me that you saw standing in the line last week for 8 hours waiting to pick up the newly released iPhone!
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PostHeaderIcon Crabs in the barrel: If I can’t have it, neither can you!

By Vernalee
There is a phrase commonly referred to as “Crabs in a Barrel.” Essentially, it means that if I can’t have something, neither can you. This phrase takes its metaphor meaning from the crabs. Through their very nature, crabs have the tendency to pull at the other. As soon as one ascends a few inches, the other pulls it down. Subsequently, none or few of the crabs can escape or get out because of this pulley effect. Human nature can be no different. Some folks pull down the other because of jealousies, spite, egos, and envies; some for no specified reason. Rather than see their colleague achieve success, he / she will contribute to their demise. They harbor resentment to the other’s success, particularly if it is greater than theirs! It is a short sighted way of thinking, but a reality that unfortunately exist for too many folks! Their animal like portrayals to the crabs’ shells, claws, and tails keep getting in the way of their progressive thinking, activity, and progress. They intentionally get in the way of others and occasionally get in the way of themselves. People just like crabs fail to realize one thing. All movement is stymied. If everyone is pulled down, no one moves; no one reaches the top. It’s a “funny” thing – Holding others down can hold you back!
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PostHeaderIcon “Stick a fork in me … I’m done!”

By Vernalee
“Everybody (but her) could see right through him” and he knew it! Sometimes you can see what others can’t and vice versa. Such was the case with one of my girlfriends. Love can cause blindness. Nothing beats the annoyance of people who say one thing and do another. We call them hypocrites! My friend was heads over heels, giddily in love with this guy. Supposedly, he loved her but his words and actions didn’t match. After I witnessed his last deceitful acts, “I was done; well done at that. You could just stick a fork in me!” It was excruciating for me to see her suffer. Because of my love for her, I felt her pain as well. I only hope that she has enough courage to “be done” with his waywardness. Seasoned, I realize that walking away is easier said than done. Many of us have stayed in some situations much too long. My heart, empathy, and dedication remain with my friend as she sorts out her life. Only time will tell if she continues to endure and tolerate his hypocritical shenanigans! As our friendship has stood the test of time, I will be by her side forevermore no matter what – as she has never left me. After all … “That’s what friends are for!”
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PostHeaderIcon Don’t stoop to their level!

By Vernalee
Yes that’s right! I will not stoop to your level! I will not degrade my integrity or purpose to be condescending without dignity. Doing things beneath my moral standards will take me there. Certainly, I will not join you on a debased plane just to please you.
The old folks in Mississippi would say, “Don’t bow down to nobody. Only get on your knees to pray.” So, I can stand tall, reach toward the sky, and make progress with you. Lowering my standards is not an option. No, none of us can afford to let our guards down; to let our emotions overrule our intelligence and critical thinking. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
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PostHeaderIcon “In one ear; out the other!”

By Vernalee
In one ear; out the other” is an idiom expression that means that the words were heard without any influence or effect. Essentially, the words were quickly forgotten. There is no remembrance. I know exactly what that phrase means, because I had the unique experience recently to be a witness to that concept. A morally decayed person, whose conduct has been deceitful and dishonest throughout my association, recently echoed words that went into my left ear and with rapid speed immediately came out my right one! Why retain lies when the truth sounds so much better? Need I recall how many times promises were made and broken; how often spoken words became immediate lies. Resounding articulation is ever present, but credibility doesn’t exist from their lips. You cannot believe nothing that they say! What! What was said? I really can’t remember. My body was there, but my mind was on the other side of town! When you master the skill of blocking people out, the reality of them being in your midst is moot. Fair play, I’ll say! Why clutter my mental capillaries with filth? Selective memory is protective. That is why I have no idea as to what lie was told this time around or remotely what was said. Neither do I care!
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PostHeaderIcon Helping hands

By Vernalee
indy bay. org
All of you have probably seen or been confronted on the streets by individuals asking for money and assistance. What do you do when they ask? Do you give, ignore, or pretend that they are not there? Generally, if it is in a safe environment, I try to give. One day recently at McDonald’s, I saw a guy soliciting help who was an old family friend. OMG! My heart started to bleed! I gave him the $10.00 that I had. He had fallen on hard times. Life happens; bad circumstances can befall anyone! I remember on another occasion, I was riding with a friend and a gentleman had a sign that read, “I need food.” Of course, I was touched, but my friend said. “ We aren’t giving any money!” Instead, he drove to a nearby fast food restaurant and brought back a sandwich and gave it to the gentleman. There is no easy answer. There is also an element of danger when you let your car window down. Safety and good judgment always come first. What path do you take? The saving grace is compassion. When your heart urges and tells you to help, you are rightfully looking at the need; not the person. It is the right view to have. Maybe, your assistance can be a charitable donation. Perhaps, you may desire to volunteer your resources and time to a homeless group, a food bank organization, or your church. As Matthew 25:40 says “… Whatever you did for the least …. you did for me.”
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