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By Vernalee
God’s Words are found in the Bible. It’s our way of learning his rules, following his instructions, and communicating with him. There are so many intricate details and amazing features of the Bible from its writings to its writers; from the current events of a particular time to a path of proven historical facts; from the creation of man to the dispelling of evolution; from God’s word being prophetically written to the expressed outline of God’s expectations for mankind. Despite its age, there is nothing that we need to learn, know, or find out – that isn’t there. From the beginning to the end; from birth to death; from perfection to imperfection … it is all there! So as you read God’s Word and walk through your Bible reading daily, allow me to share the below amazing facts about the Bible.
Ten Amazing Facts:
“1 – The Writing of the Bible
The Bible was written over a 1600 year period by approximately 40 men. The time of the writing was from 1500 BC to AD 100.
2 – The Divisions of the Bible
While the Bible is 1 book, it contain 66 smaller books. The books of the Old Testament were written before the birth of Jesus Christ and the New Testament covers the life of Christ and beyond.
3 – Chapters and Verses
Each of the books, except 5, are divided into chapters and verses. The 5 which aren’t divided by chapters are Obadiah, Philemon, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude. These are short books which only have verse divisions.
Chapters were introduced to the Bible in 1238. Verse divisions were not added until 1551.
4 – The Longest and Shortest of the Bible
The longest chapter if the Bible is Psalm 119 with 176 verses. The shortest chapter is Psalm 117 with only 2 verses. Incidentally, the middle chapter of the Bible is also Psalm 117.
The longest book of the Bible is Psalms with 150 chapters, or psalms. It contains 43,743 words. The shortest book is 3 John with only 1 chapter and 299 words.
The longest verse in the Bible is Esther 8:9 with 90 words. The shortest verse is John 11:35 with only 2 words, “Jesus wept.”
5 – The Bible is God’s Word
There are many books written about and by various religions. But the Bible is the only one which includes the actual words of God. Those who believe the Bible also believe that God inspired various people through the years to write down His actual words for mankind. The Bible says more than 3,000 times “thus saith the Lord.” And the words which follow are quotes from God.
6 – The Bible is Historically Accurate
There were several secular historians who wrote about the events of the New Testament at the same time the Bible was being written. Josephus is the most well-known of them. He was a Jewish historian. Tacitus was a Roman historian who would have no benefit from not telling the truth. Both these men, as well as others, can be used to back up the historical accuracy of the Bible.
There are historical discoveries regularly coming to light that continue to support the accuracy of the Bible.
7 – The Business of the Bible
There are more than 168,000 Bibles either sold or given away per day in the United States according to the Gideons, Wycliffe International and the International Bible Societies.
Historically it has been said that the Bible is the most sold book of all time. It is regularly on various best seller lists.
The Bible has been translated into more than 1,200 languages.
8 – The Bible Never Contradicts Itself
There are no contradictions in the Bible. Various people claim to find contradictions but they have to take verses out of context to do so. When looking at the Bible as a whole and understanding its teachings there are no contradictions. This is amazing when one considers that the Bible was written over such a long period of time.
9 – The Prophecies of the Bible
There are more than 3,200 verses with fulfilled prophecy either within the Bible itself or since the Bible was written. But there are still more than 3,100 verses with unfulfilled prophecies.
10 – The Writers of the Bible
While there were at least 40 different people who wrote parts of the Bible, some were more prolific than others. The Apostle Paul wrote at least 13 books of the Bible. He may have also been the author of the book of Hebrews. Moses wrote the first 5 books.
The Bible attributes more than 3,000 proverbs to King Solomon. These are not all written in the book of Proverbs. However, most of that book is said to be the proverbs of Solomon.”
Now, it’s time to read!
Happy Sunday! Blessings!
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By Vernalee
The white glistening sparkles of snow can be amazing to view. Children love to play in the snow, throw snow balls, and make those darling snowmen. As a southern girl, I am not a lover of snow and become petrified at the first major snowfall every year. So much for my weather dislikes and idiosyncrasies!
Let’s take a look at the metaphorical effects of snow when it is put in a snow ball rolling down a hill at an avalanche pace. Let’s now examine the snowball effect which is a situation in which something increases in size or importance at a faster and faster rate.
It is a “process that starts from an initial state of small significance and builds upon itself, becoming larger and also perhaps potentially dangerous or disastrous.” It can be beneficial or it can be a decline.
The common analogy is with the “rolling of a small ball of snow down a snow-covered hillside. As it rolls, the ball will pick up more snow; gaining more mass and surface area, and picking up even more snow and momentum as it rolls along.”
With that scientific definition out of the way, how many issues of snowball proportions can you recall or have you encountered recently? When all is positive, it is a great thing. But when the snowball is out of control rolling faster than the speed of sound, it can be a disaster; an accident waiting to happen. Slowing the pace or stopping the snowball roll altogether is challenging to say the least. It is no different than the happenstances of life.
It is for these reasons that we must keep our eyes on whatever it is that we are attempting or doing. We must have a fixation on the direction of our lives as best we can. For sure, once any aspect gets out of control and starts rolling downhill, catching it is a nightmare. Besides, running is not good when you are not in shape. Oh my, are you huffing and puffing like a train? No judgment!
In trying to catch an out of control fast moving object, we have to speed up our pace. If our momentum parallels that of a turtle’s speed, we are in trouble. Sometimes, it may occur swiftly or other times, it can take years, but we can become like the snowball racing down a slippery slope. The interesting dilemma is that the snow ball that started small, got bigger and bigger as it rolled, didn’t stop but picked up debri and whatever else that was in its path. It does not discriminate or discern trash. Sounds familiar? Trying to push it back up the hill is almost impossible. The grip brings a freeze to our hands making it difficult to hold. Silly me! I got sidetracked again. Am I referring to a snowball that started small, grew bigger; and because it was not stopped, continued to roll, picked up steam and speed, and is now out of control and not within reach? Or am I referring to a problem or one of our once small issues that grew in size, got out of control as it rolled; and befriended trashy people along the way because we either didn’t address it or allowed its velocity to control us? Which is it? You know the answer. It is obvious; rain or shine; snow or not!
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By Vernalee
Idiomatically, a catch-22, is any which involves some set of mutually dependent circumstances.
What do you do when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place or when you are caught up in a Catch 22?
A catch 22 is defined as “a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.”
Expanding on the topic further, and I quote,
“A Catch-22 is “a problematic situation for which the only solution is denied by a circumstance inherent in the problem or by a rule. For example, losing something is typically a conventional problem; to solve it, one looks for the lost item until one finds it. But if the thing lost is one’s glasses, one can’t see to look for them – a Catch-22. Thus, a Catch-22 can be tricky, a no-win, or an absurd situation.”
Check out this example.
By definition, a catch-22 is a “paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules. For example – To get a job, you need to have a few years of experience. But in order to gain experience, you need to get a job first.”
Is there a solution? There always is.
You can’t win, if you don’t try!
You have to play the game to win. Don’t quit! Don’t give up! Circumstances changes. “Catching” a break happens. Someone may give you a chance; a golden opportunity. You can defy the odds as long as you don’t give up. You’ll never know when the wind may blow your way! Stay outside to feel the breeze of the air. See where it carries you. Stay in the game! “Catch” your dreams! Make them a reality.
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By Vernalee
Recently, I noticed and heard young men using derogatory language. It was directed at a group of girls walking down the street. The language that was used was so foul that I can’t repeat their choice words. As you know, profanity is a taboo that is not used on this blog. Many people have been caught in precarious positions particularly when their off handed remarks were publicly exposed. I’m sure that you can effortlessly rattle off the names of as many violators as I can.
Derogatory comments mean that “you say things that are unflattering, unkind, or demeaning. Lest not forget – insulting. Derogatory language is meant to hurt, and it usually does. Thus, if you feel offended or insulted by what someone says, the person probably said something derogatory” that got under your skin.
How do you react or should you? Nothing supersedes the power of ignoring. A purposed disregard diffuses the intended effect. It makes their words and the speaker powerless.
Of course, if you don’t think it, you can’t say it! Guard your thoughts. Growing up, when inappropriate, careless, unflattering, and derogatory words flowed from our mouths, the old folks in Mississippi would threaten us youngsters. “I’m gonna wash your mouth out with soap!” Obviously, that never occurred; though a valuable lifelong lesson evolved that I remember to this day, “It’s not what you are called, it’s what you answer to!”


By Vernalee

Diverse group of women putting on makeup

Diverse group of women putting on makeup

Ladies, listen up! Have you ever calculated how much it takes to maintain our beauty regimen? Without adding any of the bells and whistles, a basic package for us averages several thousands dollars yearly. By basic, I am referring to the routine maintenance of our hair regimen (shampoos, styles, and color); nail care (manicures and polishing); and pedicures. No wonder our pockets are occasionally empty.
The bells and whistles regimen which include the extras and the extravagant care are much more pricey. Cha Ching! Facials, bikini waxes, makeup, waxing, massages, eyebrow shaping and lash implantation, among other cosmetics enhancements add up. It is a time consuming process to have these services performed as well. Conserve your energy as you count your hours to find the required time. And of course, unless you are a do it “yourselfer,” the cost for these cosmetics services and products must be factored into your budget.
To be pretty, Madame Noire Magazine reports that celebrities Beyonce and Kim Kardashian spend one million a year on their beauty care. According to the Wall Street Journal, the money spent on selective beauty services covers a wide spectrum. For example,
* Blowouts, Haircuts And Hair Cuts can range from $40 – $215;
* Brow Shaping & Eyelash Extensions, $25 – $140;
* Chemical Peels, $20 – $600;
* Vitamin C + E serums, $162;
* Ultherapy, $ 1,000 – $5,000;
* Cleaning Serums and SPF 30 Sunscreen, $42 -$45;
* Kybella Injections, $1,200 – $2,000;
* Décolleté Cream, $285.
Did I mention makeup? Foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and moisturizers add up. Carol’s Daughter, Maybelline, Fashion Fair, Loreal, Lady Clairol, Covergirl, Black Opal, … are all familiar brands that we have in our cabinets and carry in our purses.
When all is said and done, if you care about your personal appearance and how you look, though it may be costly, it is money well spent. First, you want to look good for yourself! Rave reviews from your better half are welcomed. When you look good, you feel good. The confidence booster is priceless. We know that beauty is only skin deep. The Temptations put in words years ago. Forget those lyrics for now! When we want to feel beautiful, nothing beats that aroma. Now, let me spray a mist of my expensive $215.00 Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum. I want to smell sweet! The fragrance rounds out my appearance and makes me smell as rich as I feel. I love to pamper myself and be pampered. I’m worth it!
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By Vernalee
It seems like here lately, everything has been outlined by the number 12. Well, here are 12 more. This time, it’s 12 signs that speak to being a bad employee. At first glance, I was about to review this photographic rendering with my grandson to get his opinion and seek his expertise/ interpretations. Needless to say it was not sign language as I originally thought. Rather, they were signs of substandard work performance. When you’re in the wrong job, it symptomatic of several things and it shows. Unless you are an actor in disguise, the misfit may be written all over your face. Well before we get to the list, the upside is that you may not be a bad employee totally. It may be that you are a square peg in a round hole. The work environment may simply be the wrong one. The chemistry between you and your boss may not be homogenized. Other possibilities may be that the culture is wrong for you or it just may be an inappropriate fit. Let’s take a look at the signs and analyze from there.
Here we go.
1. You are not punctual.
2. You always make excuses.
3. You do the bare minimum.
4. You love to gossip.
5. You think that you’re the smartest person in the office.
6. You don’t believe in your company’s mission or values.
7. You’re noticeably less productive than your colleagues.
8. You don’t get along with folks at the company.
9. You find yourself regularly apologizing to people.
10. You’re always looking for a way out.
11. You’re constantly making demands.
12. You have no drive.
Sounds familiar?
How many of the above descriptors describe to the penny people that you know? Hold up! Before you provide an answer for someone else, how many point to you? How many are your characteristics? If you or your colleagues exhibit a vast majority of these traits, it is indeed time to find alternative employment. That is not your office home!
It is so easy to fall victim if your work ethics are underdeveloped or if you come to work to do everything but work. I know a few of those folks. Don’t you?
Knowing when it is time to move on is optimal. Staying too long is not only an injustice to the company, it’s a disservice to you.
When the shoes fit, you must wear them. Be daring. You can ask for another style and size that will enable you to walk away from the job and take your contributions elsewhere. Better you walk, than be asked to take a hike! Leave on your own accord. In those cases, you can close the door behind you.
I close by borrowing one of Margaret Thatcher’s famous quotes which I feel is very appropriate and thought provoking.
Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, because they become actions. Watch your actions, because they become habits. Watch your habits, because they become your character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. What we think, we become.
I never realized until I became an adult that another Iron Lady (my Mother) making me go to school everyday to learn would materialize into a behavioral model of my going to work everyday to actually work. Though symbolic, it’s a transient lesson learned that has as much reciprocal value as the paycheck.
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By Vernalee
To be loved is a desired emotion for most. For sure, “It’s never too late to find love!” Play it again Sam! Though love is a sought after emotion, finding it may be difficult as we cannot read other people’s hearts. Then we have the other issues. Complacency can be substituted for the phrase contributory negligence. It alongside the fear of rejection can become front and center in our lives and even convince us that we are happy when we are walking in a stream of loneliness and unhappiness. Our older ears though filled with wax become fearful of hearing unpleasant words. It’s easy to settle. It’s just as easy to find comfort in discomfort; to give up without really trying; to convince yourself that you are happy when you know that you are not. Everybody needs somebody! The older you become, the less you desire to hunt. It’s too risky; it definitely won’t conceal your exposure. Lest not forget the prospects of being hurt! So now what? Do you do nothing and let the unhappy days become unhappy years? Do you distant yourself from selfish people whose selfishness places you leap years behind your desires? Or do you seek, search, and find love? What steps should you take as you look for love gingerly in the right places? How discreet should you be? It is not realistic for you to expect to open your front door and find your Prince Charming standing there. It is highly unlikely that a scenario like that will play out. Looking for love and dating can be intimidating processes at any age. For certain, they are labors of work. Another job, you don’t need! But get ready to rumble! Looking for love can be tantamount to punching a time clock of sorts.
The older you are and the longer that you have been out of the dating game, the lesser your dating skill set has become. Needless to say, your skills may be rusty. It can create anxiety and cultivate doubt. Just ask Tina Knowles!
Beautiful, successful, and in the spotlight was Tina Knowles, the Mother of superstar Beyonce. Then, after 33 years of marriage, she found herself divorced and all alone.
“Where am I gonna find somebody at 59 years old? Where do you meet men? Where do you get them? They’re all gone.” If Tina asked those questions, multiply mine and those from other middle aged women by 10.
But then something magical happened. She took the initiative to find love and happiness. She was reunited with a man that she had known for over three decades. Actor Richard Lawson entered the picture and the rest is history. By her wedding day, Tina’s tone had changed.
“To walk down the aisle and see all my friends and family and to see my handsome man standin’ there, and to know that at 61 you can still find love and have a magical day like that … it was really beautiful,” says the bride as she walked down the aisle to India Arie’s “Ready for Love.”
Yes, it takes courage. It takes tenacity. It takes getting out there and making yourself available. Though you don’t won’t to necessarily wear your singleness on your sleeves, it is necessary to declare your availability. We sometimes tuck our single status in our back pockets. Revelation is part of the process. Rejection may be encountered, but determination will ultimately bring positive results. Sharing your life with the man that you love is a beautiful thing. Companionship is great! God knew that it was not good for man to be alone, thus he created woman. Love, companionship, eternal bliss of marriage will never grow old. Yes, read my lips. I can’t speak for you, but my preference is not to grow old alone. I declare – loneliness is for the lonely; it is no fun! I have seen the effects of it and how it torches your spirit.
Several years ago, I adopted a three part process that I unveiled in my first book, “I’m Doing Me.” The triple A’s as I call them – Admit, Address, and Act – are paramount to move you from where you are to where you want to be. All 3 of the A’s are necessary to execute change. Get up, go, and find your soulmate. He’s out there. Sure, you can ignore your bed of unhappiness, loneliness, and unfulfilment. You can fool yourself and others. You can even become a serial busy body. Filling your day with work, tasks, and activities are not cure-alls. They are merely timekeepers to pass the day. I say, “Wake up and smell the coffee.” Don’t be left out in the cold. Brrr! Besides, 60 is the new 40.
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imageBy Vernalee
David – The youngest and incredibly handsome son of Jesse was a great warrior, an ancestor of Jesus Christ, a talented musician, a prolific writer, and the 2nd King of Israel and Judah.
There are so many description of him; more than meets the eye.
The one that captures my attention is outlined in 1 Samuel 13:14 and in Acts 13:22. In those scriptures, he is described as a man after God’s own heart.
What a tribute and a testimony!
In Hebrew, the name David means beloved one.
I love the meaning and simplicity behind the name David. Very telling, my reasons are conspicuously obvious as you will see. I have had the honor of loving and being surrounded by three. As you know, I am a fabulous copy cat, so I named my son, David. On loan from his late Father, the name has flowed down midstream to my grandson. I never knew which one of his parents (Harry or Bernice Lee) named David Sr., but I personally selected the name for my beloved son. Though nicknamed Scooter by George, my brother-in-law, my son David is an incredible young man. In ancient times, much thought was given to the choice of a child’s name. The name coincided with character. King David’s certainly did!
Most of us have been intrigued and know the story of David’s battle with Goliath. We can visualize the courage that it took to confront a warrior of Goliath’s status with only a slingshot. But David had a secret weapon. He had the Lord. No matter what happened in his many trials and tribulations alongside his sinful missteps, he loved God. The stories of his obedience and the traumas of his disobedience showed his imperfections. They also showed his repentant heart, his comebacks, faithfulness, love, devotion, and his admittance to wrongful conduct. David was a praying man. He prayed for forgiveness, love, and direction. Everything about King David keeps him real and relatable. His devotion and love for God make you deeply love and admire him. King David’s story from beginning to end leaves you awe struck.
Fast forwarding to my son David, he does not play the harp or a musical instrument. But allow me to tell you about him! Before I become long winded and run out of pages because I have that much to say, let me be brief. With unconditional love, my son loves his family. A great Father, son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, and friend, Scooter is a loving and compassionate person. If you want somebody to stand by your side, he’s your guy. Wise for his age, he counsels all of us. Easy to talk to, the entire clan takes their issues to him as he is our in house Dr. Phil. Financial wisdom runs through his veins. He can definitely hold on to a dollar and watch it grow. Envied for his laid back style, he has a gentle mannerism with the words to match that puts your mind at ease when you are troubled. A son that any Mother would be proud of, I count my blessings. I thank you Lord for my beloved ones, son David Jr. and grandson, David III. I ask that you watch over them and the other little big one, my daughter Phoebe. Order their steps Lord. Implant more wisdom and love in their hearts. Show them your ways. I pray that they walk in your path of righteousness obeying your words all the days of their lives. Children are indeed blessings from God. They eventually leave your house, but never your heart!
Happy Sunday. God bless!
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By Vernalee
I’ve got your back; If I’ve got money, you’ve got money; What I have is yours; If you need something, call me; What’s mine is yours; I’ll be here through thick and thin; You and the kids will never go without; I love you more than anything, more than life itself; You’ll never want for nothing; No worries, I’ve got you covered; I’ll be by your side forevermore; It’s your world, I’m just living in it; Bring your troubles to me; I’m your fix it man; There ain’t nothing in the world that I wouldn’t do for you; I really, really love you” are expressions that you may have heard from time to time. Many have been whispered in your ears during times of intimacy. If some haven’t been echoed, well that may be another problem. Agreed? The list is infinite. All of the words make you feel good. Don’t they? There are times that they lift you up off the ground and spend you around. Sometimes, they make you feel like you are floating on a cloud. You can even visualize yourself wearing a priceless tiara and flowing designer evening gowns being treated like a queen sitting on a pure gold throne, and living in a royal decorated palace with your man (who has promised you the world; your king) by your side. “Talk to me somebody!”
Now then, the time has come. Your imagination joins hands with his commitments; his promises. Just wait. Sooner or later, they will be tested. Eventually, the “rubber meets the road.”
Where and when the rubber meets the road is regarded as the most important point for something. It is the moment of truth. It is where the practical reality or crucial test proves what the outcome will be.
Will those commitments come true? Has he been lying through his teeth or is he a man of his word? Were you crazy to believe him or heads over heels in love?
Father Time is amazing. Time will always catch up with us. It miraculously forces the truth to raise its head. Did your man pass the test? Or does he have a flat tire? Will he remain behind the wheels or be kicked to the curb? Look on the road. You can’t get any closer than those four wheels gripping the black asphalt. He will get out of the car being either a talker or a doer; a man of his word or a man with words of broken promises; a man of all show and no go; or a man who will treasure you with all you deserve and all he promised. Either you will say, “What a man” or “What a _____.”
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By Vernalee
For those who study numerology, it is known that the number 12 symbolizes completion or perfection. Interestingly, the number 12 is used 187 times in the Bible. Not to overload your circuits and for the fun of it, let’s review 12 Things to Remember, 12 Processes of Successful people and a few tidbits about Happiness. Read along. Shall we?
12 things to always remember:
1. The past cannot be changed.
2. Opinions don’t define your reality.
3. Everyone’s journey is different.
4. Things always get better with time.
5. Judgments are confessions of character.
6. Overthinking will lead to sadness.
7. Happiness is found within.
8. Positive thoughts create positive things.
9. Smiles are contagious.
10. Kindness is free.
11. You only fail if you quit.
12. What goes around comes around.
After you remember those 12 things and if you crave success, you need to know the composition of successful people:
Successful people do these things:
1. They create and pursue focused goals.
2. They take decisive and immediate action.
3. They focus on being productive, not being busy.
4. They make logical, informed decisions.
5. They avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect.
6. They work outside of their comfort zones.
7. They keep things simple.
8. They focus on making small, continuous improvements.
9. They measure and track their progress.
10. They maintain a positive attitude as they learn from their mistakes.
11. They spend time with the motivational people.
12. They maintain balance in their life.
No matter what we try, whether we succeed or fail, we want to be happy. The Happiness Rules are simple and they do not number 12. Take a look.
1. Make peace with your past. Don’t let it disturb your present.
2. What other people think of you is none of your business.
3. Time heals almost everything. Give it time.
4. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
5. Don’t compare your life to others and don’t judge them. You have no idea what their journey is about.
6. Stop thinking too much. It’s okay not to know the answers; they will come to you when you least expect it.
7. Smile. You don’t own all of the world’s problems.
Are you tired of reading? I know that it is a lot to absorb, but if we integrate a few, some, most or all of these things, we will be happier campers. Sometimes, we have to keep reminding ourselves that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Thus, we didn’t get where we were over night. It is imperative that we keep our eyes focused on our journey and stop overly watching other people. It can become too distracting. Keep pursuing positive things; your actions will reflect them. Remember the good not the bad. I close by saying when someone does something wrong, don’t forget the good things that they have done. Keep a opened mind and an aura of equilibrium. They will provide balance. Sometimes, you have to step back and ask, “Will this matter in a year?” And by all means, if nothing else – remember the frog!
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