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By Vernalee

...for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh . --Matthew 12:34 KJV Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.   --Proverbs 21:23 KJV

…for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh .
–Matthew 12:34 KJV
Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.
–Proverbs 21:23 KJV

“A still tongue makes a wise head” refers to a person who only speak when it has been determined that it is appropriate to do so.
They are not chatter boxes and are wise enough to not just say whatever comes to mind.
It validates the theory that if one is cautious with their speech, and listens instead, he/she exercises control which in turn reflects their display of solid experience, keen knowledge, and good judgement.
A still tongue serves to protect and guard against unnecessary queries. Besides … Who asked for your opinion?
Who asked you to stick your nose into their business?
If they wanted your viewpoints, they would have asked. Right?
You see here lies the problem. If people mind their own business, the world would be a better place; less confusion for sure.
Allow me to “Vernalize” this thought.
Walk with me.
Once again, I say – Stay in your own lane and out of other folks’ business! Guard your thoughts; guard your tongue.
Be selective about what words come out of your mouth.
Besides, who has the time or energies to host someone else’s mess!
Proverbs 17:28 provides wise advice:
“Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent,
and discerning if they hold their tongues.”
It will behoove us to do just that!
Did I hear, “The cat got your tongue.”
For some, the perpetual chatter boxes and nosey roseys – that’s a good thing!
Silence can be golden!
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By Vernalee
What woman doesn’t want to hear sweet things from her man? Feeling sexy and looking sexy can be a catalyst.
Alright get your mind together!
When your man utter those sexy remarks, they make you feel special. In some cases, you can melt like butter. Want to hear a few?
Here we go.
1. “I’m so glad we ended up together.”
2. “I understand how important this is to you.”
3. “Let Me tell you how my day went.”
4. “Let’s talk about this tomorrow. Tonight should be just about us.”
5. “I’ve been fantasizing about you feel good.”
6. “Put this day on your calendar. I’m taking you away.”
7. “I’ll draw you a bath.”
8. “You deserve a long weekend with your girlfriends. I’ll watch the kids.”
9. “I adore your look.”
10. “I’ve always thought it would be fun if you didn’t use your hands.”
11. “Let show the kids our honeymoon photographs.”
12. “I’ll meet you in the bedroom after I finish the laundry.”
13. “The weather’s terrible. Let me pick up the kids from daycare.”
Do know that you have to improvise and relate the referenced comments according to your situation and circumstance. You get the point; right?
Regardless, the bottom line is that all of the comments show love, concern, protection, adoration, and consideration among other dynamics. The need to be pampered, to be shown love, to feel protected, and the security that a man’s presence brings – are just as important as hearing the words.
I love the feeling from those sexy words, actions, and thoughts from a man!
Ladies, can I get an Amen!
And when he says or does any of the above and more …
I feel special!
And what a wonderful feeling that is!
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imageBy Vernalee
David – The youngest and incredibly handsome son of Jesse was a great warrior, an ancestor of Jesus Christ, a talented musician, a prolific writer, and the 2nd King of Israel and Judah.
There are so many description of him; more than meets the eye.
The ones that capture my attention are outlined in 1 Samuel 13:14 and in Acts 13:22. In those scriptures, he is described as a man after God’s own heart.
What a tribute and a testimony!
In Hebrew, the name David means beloved one.
I love the meaning and simplicity behind the name David. Very telling, my reasons are conspicuously obvious as you will see.
I have had the honor of loving and being surrounded by three. As you know, I am a fabulous copy cat, so I named my son, David. On loan from his late Father, the name has flowed down midstream to my grandson. I never knew which one of his parents (Harry or Bernice Lee) named David Sr., but I personally selected the name for my beloved son. Though nicknamed Scooter by George, my brother-in-law, my son David is an incredible young man.
In ancient times, much thought was given to the choice of a child’s name. The name coincided with character. King David’s certainly did!
Most of us have been intrigued and know the story of David’s battle with Goliath. We can visualize the courage that it took to confront a warrior of Goliath’s status with only a slingshot. But David had a secret weapon. He had the Lord.
No matter what happened in his many trials and tribulations alongside his sinful missteps, he loved God. The stories of his obedience and the traumas of his disobedience showed his imperfections. They also showed his repentant heart, his comebacks, faithfulness, love, devotion, and his admittance to wrongful conduct. David was a praying man. He prayed for forgiveness, love, and direction. Everything about King David keeps him real and relatable.
His devotion and love for God make you deeply love and admire him. King David’s story from beginning to end leaves you awe struck.
Fast forwarding to my son David, he does not play the harp or a musical instrument.
But allow me to tell you about him! Before I become long winded and run out of pages because I have that much to say, let me be brief.
With unconditional love, my son loves his family. A great Father, son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, and friend, Scooter is a loving and compassionate person. If you want somebody to stand by your side, he’s your guy. Wise for his age, he counsels all of us. Easy to talk to, the entire clan takes their issues to him as he is our in house Dr. Phil. Financial wisdom runs through his veins. He can definitely hold on to a dollar and watch it grow. Envied for his laid back style, he has a gentle mannerism with the words to match that puts your mind at ease when you are troubled.
A son that any Mother would be proud of, I count my blessings. I thank you Lord for my beloved ones, son David Jr. and grands. I ask that you watch over them and the other little big one, my daughter Phoebe. Order their steps Lord. Implant more wisdom and love in their hearts. Show them your ways. I pray that they walk in your path of righteousness obeying your words all the days of their lives. Children are indeed blessings from God. They eventually leave your house, but never your heart!
Happy Sunday. God bless!
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By Vernalee
Talk Too MuchOur mouths frequently get us in trouble. I remember the old folks in Mississippi saying, “Watch your mouth! That little tongue of yours can get you in big trouble!” Indeed, we have to be conscientious of not only our speech, but knowing what to say and what not to say in front of whom. Knowing when and where to speak is also critical. Some things don’t even dignify a response!The maturity of our minds and hearts will hopefully assist in the taming of our tongue.
As basketball great, Bill Walton once said, “Once the ball is up in the air, we cannot redirect its course.”
Likewise, once our words are out and heard, we cannot reissue them. So, let your conscience be your guide on what to say.
If a mistake in judgment is made, apologize! Whatever you want for yourself is what you should give to others!
Talk less; listen more!
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By Vernalee
Black dog
It’s amazing! In watching a segment on the Today Show, I learned about the phenomenon called black dog syndrome. Apparently, because of the color of their fur, black dogs have a tougher time being adopted from the animal shelters.
One of the reported reasons is that black dogs don’t photograph well, which of course makes them less preferred than the dogs with lighter colored furs.
Sounds familiar!
Yes, that’s right! Black dogs are passed over too! Of course, black dogs are cuddly; make good watch dogs and pets like their lighter colored dog mates. Discrimination because of the color of your skin or in this case, the color of their fur, never ceases to end!
So dogs receive the blunt of the color hardship, innocently if I must say, just like us Black folks.
People just can’t get over this color thing – whether you are a four legged animal or a two legged human.
Alright, I will not challenge the well-known axiom, “Dog is man’s best friend.”
I will sarcastically throw in a slight realistic caveat to this catchphrase; a modified version. My proposed tagline reads “A black dog can be man’s best friend too!”
Color doesn’t or shouldn’t matter.
I never imagined that discrimination based upon color existed in the dog pound!

Doesn’t the black pup in the photograph look adorable?
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By Vernalee
The history books left us out. Many contributions, inventions, and discoveries by Black Americans were omitted.
For example, in my native Mississippi where cotton was king, Eli Whitney was credited with inventing the cotton gin, but it was speculated that a Black man was at the helm of this invention and process.
Much was stolen, but the truth always manages to rise above ignorance.
This past Friday, a colleague asked me about a Black History program that was being taught to youngsters at her church. I hadn’t recently thought much about inventions made by the hands of Black Americans, so I did a little research. I knew about many of the obvious ones, but I discovered so many new facts unknown to me. What an amazing historical journey I encountered! Because of the enormity, all could not be included. However, some of the salient ones are listed below. Here is what I found.
Top Inventions by Blacks:
1. George Washington Carver – Invented 300 uses for Peanuts.
2. Protective Mail Box – Philip Downing.
3. Blood Bank – Dr. Charles Drew.
4. Walker Hair Care System – Sarah Breedlove known as Madame Walker. ( I.e. The straighten comb).
5. Carbon Filament Light Bulb, Lewis Latimer.
6. Elijah McCoy – Automatic Oil Cup.
7. Jan Matzeliger – The Shoe Lasting Machine.
8. Granville T. Woods – The Multiplex Telegraph.
9. George Crum – Potato Chips.
10.Sarah Goode – Folding Bed.
Below are Inventions that are not widely known with some not being attributed to the wisdom of Black people: (Dates and patent numbers are listed).
. Air Conditioner Unit Design – Frederick Jones 4/28/42 D132,182
. Art Museum Design (Philadelphia) – Julian Abele 4/29/1881
. Baby Carriage Safety Leveler – William Richardson 6/18/1889 405,599
. Bicycle Frame Folding/Separating Version – Isaac Johnson 10/10/1899 634,823
. Blimp (Air Ship) Modern Version – John Pickering 2/20/1900 643,975
This blimp (i.e., air ship) was the first to be powered by an electric motor and to have directional controls.
. Bridge Safety Gate – Humphrey Reynolds 10/7/1890 437,937
. Chair Folding – John Purdy (& Daniel Sadgwar) 6/11/1889 405,117
. Clock – Benjamin Banneker 2/6/1753
. Clothes Drier — Modern Forerunner George Sampson 6/7/1892 476,416
. Computer World’s Fastest – Philip Emeagwali 1989
. Curtain Rod – Samuel Scottron 8/30/1892 481,720
. Dry Cleaning Process – Thomas Jennings 3/3/1821 3306X
. Elevator Automatic Electric Shaft Closing – Alexander Miles 10/11/1887 371,207
. Fire Escape Portable – Daniel McCree 11/11/1890 440,322
. Fire Extinguisher Improvement – Thomas Martin 3/26/1872 125,063
. Firemen’s Mobile Ladder – Joseph Winter 5/7/1878 203,517
. Gas Mask – Garrett Morgan 10/13/14 1,113,675
. Golf Tee – Dr. George Grant 12/12/1899 638,920
. Heart (Open Heart) Surgery – Dr. Daniel Hale Williams 7/9/1893
. Heating Furnace Ventilation System – Alice Parker 12/19/19 1,325,905
.Ice Cream Method and Recipes – Augustus Jackson 1832
.Ice Cream Scooper Spring Loaded – Alfred Cralle 2/2/1897 576,395
.Ironing Board Improvement – Sarah Boone 4/26/1892 473,653
.Lawn Mower Improved, Rotary Blade – John Burr 5/9/1899 624,749
.Lawn Sprinkler Swiveling – Joseph Smith 5/4/1897 581,785
.Library Design (Free Library — Phila.) – Julian Abele 4/21/1881
.Lock Modern – Washington Martin 7/23/1889 407,738
.Mail Box Phillip Downing 10/27/1891 462,093
.Overnight Delivery Package Receptacle- Folarin Sosan 1997
.Pants Modern Suspenders – Archia Ross 11/28/1899 638,068
.Pencil Sharpener – John Love 11/23/1897 594,114
.The “Real McCoy” – Elijah McCoy 4/2/1843 Born
The term “The Real McCoy” is used to describe anything that is of excellent quality.
.Refrigeration Transport System – Frederick Jones 7/12/49 2,303,857
Although he patented it in 1949, he actually invented it in 1935.
.Security System, Home – Marie Brown 12/2/69
.Statue of Liberty — A Black Female 1875
.Thermostat and Temperature Control System – Frederick Jones 2/23/60 2,926,005
.Toilet Modern Bathroom Features – Thomas Elkins 1/9/1872 122,518
.Traffic Signal – Garrett Morgan 11/20/23 1,475,024
.Trolley Electric Railway – Elbert Robinson 9/19/1893 505,370
.Typewriter Improvement – Lee Burridge (& Newman Marshman) 4/7/1885 315,366
.Watch U.S. (Refer Above To Clock) – Benjamin Banneker 2/6/1753
.Weather Forecasting Computerized – Philip Emeagwali 1989
.Wrench Updated – Jack Johnson 4/18/22 1,413,121
This is the very same Jack Johnson who became the world’s first Black heavyweight champ.
.Wheelchair Stair Climbing – Rufus Weaver 11/19/68 3,411,598.
Knowing our history is empowering and enlightening. It produces pride. Read, learn, and grow!
Happy Black History Month!
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By Vernalee
Interesting, we don’t frequently see their portrayals, but there are over 60 Black female superheroes featured in Marvel, D.C. Comics, movies and the like. Iron Man, Superman, Batman … Look out! For those who think that our strength as women is limited to our sheer existence, think again! We are and have always been a force to be reckoned with even if the media does not give us the deserved recognition. From the days of slavery, we maintained our mental saneness though our precious children were taken and sold. Never a stranger to hard work and difficulties, we worked in the cotton fields from sunrise to sunset; coercively became our Master’s mistresses; nursed their children; and cooked and cleaned their houses. Need I say more! History tells the story better than me. Yes, we Black women have endured a lot! Through it all, we have maintained our dignity and respect. We have amazing inherited strength that has been passed down through the generations. No wonder we are super-heroes!
Photo reprint: Black Wonder Woman – illustrated by Anthony Pugh.


By Vernalee
Some where on your journey of self discovery, you have probably read or heard about Rick Warren’s best seller, “A Purpose Driven Life.” Written from a spiritual perspective, the book examines 3 of life’s most important questions:
1. The Question of Existence: Why am I alive?
2. The Question of Significance: Does my life matter?
3. The Question of Purpose: What on earth am I here for?
According to Warren, “Living out the purpose you were created for moves you beyond mere survival and success to a life of significance—the life you were meant to live.”
It is never too late to examine and re-examine your life and your purpose.
As a child, I thought that the old folks in Mississippi were too intrusive by meddling into your business. Of course, I thought that they were ancient and knew nothing. Now I realize that they knew much!
Their simple twist to purpose was “Child, if you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”
I confess.
I want to be better, live better, love better and be loved back.
I definitely want to treat people better with the highest degree of dignity and respect.
I want to exceed beyond expectations and do all within my purpose of living on this earth.
I just want to be what God intended and live according to His plan for me!
Don’t you?
I pray that God order my steps so that I can accomplish his glory.
It’s time to reshuffle.
Join me.
Let’s refocus and take this journey together.
I am bait, if you are game.
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By Vernalee
As a sequel to the book turned movie “Waiting to Exhale,” author Terri McMillan penned “Getting to Happy.”
At first glance the title appears simplistic, but a deeper comprehension of the term drives me to a greater appreciation of that three letter phrase. You see, much of our time in some form or fashion is centered around happiness – be it our own or others.
Happiness is not a complex term; not at all. However,
achieving it and maintaining it have its complexities.
No matter what, we desire happiness because of the emotional soothing that it brings to our soul … and the souls around us.
Happiness creates a feeling of splendid utopia.
When found, happiness creates excitement. It glows like the sun rays from the sky when it moves to your heart. It radiates with a brillance that brings a smile to your face and faces of others.
Who could ask for anything more!
The splendors of life seem so fluid when it run downstream peacefully. Amazingly, it leaves sweet trails and memories when happiness abounds.
No wonder, we want to “get to happy” and stay there!
Oh yes, we strive and in many cases will go beyond the call of duty to keep the aroma of happiness flowing in our midst.
Though it may be difficult at times, for certain, it’s alternative, unhappiness, is not a favored outcome or desire.
That is why I say –
“Get to happy.”
Glance down the road a little piece and look for my face. I want to ride on the happiness tour bus with you!
Who knows, we may even see familiar characters including Robin, Gloria, Bernadine, and others … from the “Waiting to Exhale” cast.
I’ve made an important decision.
I choose to be happy; don’t you?
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By Vernalee
muse findsCommunicate with God. Read the Word. Pray incessantly. Teach your family how to pray and pray with them. Put God first! Praise him with your voice of familiar hymns.
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
“Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!”
Sometimes, we think that we know it all. We may even feel that we do not need anyone.
Come down off your high horses!
You need God in your life.
You need his guidance and direction.
I am here to confess that life is so much easier when we follow his word. We can’t do it on our own.
Show leadership in your family.
Pray together.
Honor God.
Remember to – Keep God first.
Happy Sunday!
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