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By Vernalee

I am sorry! Please know that you are not the center of mine! I make better use of my time! Talking about you is not one of them. Time is too precious to be wasted!
I am not suggesting that you are a waste of time…but I cannot afford for you to occupy space in my mind! In fact, I have wasted five minutes already telling you that very fact!
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By Vernalee
My Daddy often told us, “Be careful who you hang out with. They will rub off on you.”
Bad associations spoil useful habits.
Be in the midst of good people.
Hire smart people and people smarter than you. Surround yourself with intelligent people.
Dad’s advisory list stretched for miles. It is amazing how words stick with you long after they have been said.
They inorganically take root – and subconsciously guide you. As the saying goes, “Plant a seed and watch it grow.” Daddy’s advice meant more the older I became as I realized that we, in part, become byproducts of our surroundings/environment.
As people, we are natural born copy cats. We imitate behaviors; often we do what we see others do.
We learn from repetition. “Monkey see; monkey do.”
Being around good people may not always produce good results, but following and imitating bad people will surely land you in harm’s way … eventually!
Bad habits rub off in the same manner as good ones.
Both are behavioral sponges. In the process, be what you want to attract! So, surround yourself with goodness so that more of its substances can rub off on you!
This practice should not be age restricted. It is a process that we must follow all the days of our lives!
Who is in our company may determine not only what we become, but influence what we do … at any age!
Knowing who people are – is the first step. Observe their actions/characteristics. Good wholesome people and a great environment matter – now and in the future.
Use your best judgment to decide who enters your world and who you permit to stay!
Wise choices now yield wise results later.


By Vernalee
Are you tired of being burdened down with other folks’ drama?
Are you tired of carrying extra weight around?
Then there is only one thing that you can do!
Get their monkey off your back!
Stop letting other folks’ drama stress you out to the extent that you cannot exceptionally function.
If you must be worried and endure stress, let it be your own stuff!
When you can say, “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired” of other folks stuff, you would have reached a viable step toward placing you above them!
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PostHeaderIcon READ GOD’S WORD

By Vernalee
Some years ago when I was on my first journey of “Walking through the Bible” in one year, I vividly remember crying when reading the scriptures leading up to Moses’ death.
I had grown so close to him.
I felt as if I personally knew Moses.
I recall calling my Mother to tell her of my sadness.
Maybe, it was from visualizing his character in the movie, “The Ten Commandments” or maybe, it was just the closeness that one develops when there is daily contact.
Your daily biblical reading provides unbelievable closeness to God.
It helps you develop an incredible faith.
It is a communicative exchange; a fluid dialogue of sorts.
Through your faith, you realize that God loves you, provides rules to protect you, and will never leave you.
What an awesome feeling!
Happy Sunday!
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By Vernalee
No, I am not talking about Maxwell House Coffee. “Good to the last drop” is their advertisement slogan. We all know the jingle.
This time, I am speaking of another product and one of my fetishes. It started over 45 years ago after I entered the work world. Everything looks different when you stop spending your parents’ money and start spending yours.
Funds were tight, so I made use of every dollar that I spent. Penny pinching, I’ll say.
Maximizing toothpaste usuage was one of my cost efficient routines. Instead of throwing a seemingly empty tube away, I would cut the toothpaste tube in half.
Amazingly, toothpaste would freely come out of the tube.
In fact, I could get an extra 2-3 more brushes afterwards.
Conclusively, those savings added up. Old habits die hard!
I am still a toothpaste penny pincher because I cut the tube in half, even now! I use every drop of my Colgate! Every little bit helps! Those pennies add up; then and now!
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By Vernalee
What a week this has been!
The tasks keep coming.
There’s – balancing work, family, and household responsibilities; attending meetings; talking to employees/managers; completing report; problem solving; conflict management/resolutions; traveling from here to there; dodging unsolicited emotional daggers; mental and physical exhaustion; escaping the turmoil of undeserved wrath….. and tackling the other tasks that are waiting ahead …
FRIDAY is here!
After five days of dealing with everything imaginable under the sun, it’s time to relax and bathe in our inner peace and tranquility away from the rat race at least for a few moments or until Monday raises its head again!
But today, on this bright sunny Friday, I say TGIF!
Join me.
We made it through another work week!
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By Vernalee
I was always told, “If you go looking for trouble, you will probably find it!”
Your suspicions will probably become proven facts.
So who is the biggest snooper?
Do men scoop more than women or vice versa?
Not being a private investigator and not knowing the universal answer, a recent survey revealed that when it comes to snooping through a partner’s phone, the furtive culprit is the man!
Yes, that’s right!
A recent survey revealed that 34% of Women and 66% of Men snooped through their partner’s phone.
31% revealed that upon finding out the information that they snooped to discover that it was grounds for ending their relationship.
Rule # 1 – You should probably erase what you don’t want people to see.
Can you hide everything? Probably not. That question is not for me to answer! Neither can I pass moral judgment. I’ll just say that someone forgot to push the delete button!
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By Vernalee
There is an old saying that says, “Your eyes may be playing tricks on you.”
So can people!
Their presence can be exaggerated.
Sometimes, you see things in them that really aren’t there. It is almost like hypnosis. They may put you in a spelling bounding trance. It’s so easy to make excuses because you want something to be there that isn’t.
Like a brain game, it’s easy to see a crooked line and regard it as straight when you see it frequently.
It’s also easy to overlook a true photographic view until the revelations of realism shine in. We sometimes see what’s in our souls, not what our camera flicking eyes are showing us.
Ignorance is no excuse.
No worries!
Eventually, your pupils will adjust to the light and the prisms of reality.
It is then that you will see what’s actually there!
If the sights are not pleasing, it may take considerable courage to orchestrate your escape. However, if and when you pick up and leave the aura of deception, guess who pulled the rabbit out of the hat?
The spell and tricks are gone!
And the band played on!
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By VernaLee
Do you talk too much? I am as guilty as sin when it comes to talking. I can go on for days. Don’t get me wrong, talking is a great social skill. Like everything in life, balance is the key. Talk less; listen more.
It is imperative that you listen. Listening is the greatest tool for ascertaining and understanding other’s views. A colleague said to me yesterday, “Fear the man who does not talk, because you don’t know what he is thinking.”
Sometimes, it is wise to zip your lips and shut up! Be an attentive listener. You might be amazed at what you hear and learn!
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By Vernalee
I have heard many people say, “I don’t need nobody! I can do everything for myself. I was born alone and will die alone!”
Although we enter and exit this world all alone, the in between time doesn’t necessarily fit that description. To those who think that they need no one, think again!
When and if the waters of life eventually invade your presence, being alone is not ideal!
We all need someone to cry with, to laugh with, to lean on, to tell our troubles to, to celebrate our accomplishments with, to uplift us when we fail, to be there when all others are gone, to be our bridge over troubled waters …
Assistance, security, relief from loneliness, companionship….are some of the benefits of having others in our lives.
The need for people doesn’t signify weakness. To the contrary, it demonstrates strength!
There is strength in numbers!
Having someone – to talk to, to love, to be with, to hold….to be a part of our existence – is a great thing!
Don’t be alone and sad when you can be with someone special and be happy.
Whether it’s a friend, a confidant, a loved one …find your listening ears.
Don’t weather a storm alone if you don’t have to.
Never forget that the islands in the stream were once connected to a continent.
May I remind you that our creator in his infinite wisdom concluded that “it was not good for man to be all alone!” Who knew better than The Father?
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