By Vernalee

As women, nothing is more pleasing to our eyes than a good looking man who walks and talks with an air of confidence.
Yes, it is correct that we women are men watchers!
Just for the record – Watching the other sex is not a trait exclusive for men.
So for the many guys in my reading audience, this one is for you!
Here’s the list of 23 things that men should have in their closet:
1. A no-nonsense navy suit.
2. A gray suit.
3. The only tie you’ll ever need.
4. A white dress suit.
5. A chambray shirt.
6. A blue dress shirt.
7. A polo shirt.
8. An oxford cloth button down.
9. A clean white T-shirt.
10. Raw denim jeans that get better with age.
11. Chinos that fit just right.
12. Two really good belts.
13. Long lasting loafers.
14. A respectable pair of white sneakers.
15. Chukka boots you want to chuck away.
16. Boots that can handle a hike.
17. Black dress shoes.
18. A packable down jacket.
19. A bad pea coat.
20. A less serious sport coat.
21. A cashmere sweater.
22. Sunglasses that go with everything.
23. A stainless steel watch.
Now that the outline has been provided, achieving that tailored list may send you to the store.
Either way, hats off (since hats were not on the list) to a good look.
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