By Vernalee
Today, let’s look at the general classifications of people who regularly surface in our lives.
Amazingly, there are Three Basic Types of People.
Generally speaking, we are driven toward classifying any and all things. The number three is a common benchmark. Easy to remember, three symbolizes a harmony that includes and synthesizes two opposites.
Allow me to share the widely accepted “people” categories.
1. First, there are people who make things happen. Then there are people who watch things happen. Lastly, there are people who ask, what happened?
2. There are Givers, Takers, And Matchers (With the most successful and least successful being Givers).
3. There are those who helped you, left you, and put you in difficult times.
Three basic types in three primary categories essentially boil down to one thing –
Who will be by your side and unconditionally love you through your ups and downs; through thick and thin?
Like magnets, we naturally attract to us – who we are!
What category best describes you?
Turn the mirror to yourself.
It takes one to know one!
Before you start dissecting others, look at yourself!
When will you fix what is broken on you?
Have you acknowledged your deficiencies?
Isn’t it easier to change you than them?
Thank goodness, for second chances (and more).
Aren’t you glad that you have more than 3 times to get it right … as you realize that all missteps in the wrong direction may cost you …probably more than thrice!
When we can see us clearly, the people floating around in our space are easier to read and see!
It then becomes easier to determine – who leaves and who stays!
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