By Vernalee

always proven

Normally a sign of affection, a kiss is not always what it seems!
Have you ever been hugged or kissed and felt uneasy afterward; even scared, in fact? Beware! Your first thought was why was there an embrace when the person has directly said and done inflammatory things! It’s no secret that this hugging individual isn’t a best friend. In fact, there is no mutual affection. This fathomed demonstration of caring was regarded as pretentious; synthetic to the nth degree. Maybe, it was a warm up exercise for something unkind to come. Why be negative? Some are well within their rights for this pessimism. In fact, there is substantial and historical evidence to prove it! When in these situations, one must keep their eyes open and guards up! Nothing is new under the sun! Remember, Judas Iscariot kissed Jesus prior to his betrayal to the Sanhedrin for thirty silver coins!

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