By Vernalee
Hear, hear!
Stop walking back down memory lane.
We are not about to eat Alphabet Soup.
Remember that dish!
Rather, we are about to fast forward.
Get with the program.
You will be amazed at how our language and words have evolved with the times and changed too.
Many words that we commonly use today did not exist before 1977.
Take a look.
1. Plus-One
2. Dramedy
3. Eye Candy
4. Voicemail
5. Foodie
6. Ecotourism
7. Informercial
8. Wannabe
9. Party animals
10. Microbrewery
11. Turducken
12. Shopaholic
13. FAQ
14. Road Rage
15. Unibrow
16. Hoodie
17. Shout-out
18. Millennial
19. Giclee
20. Man cave
21. Meh
22. Fashionista
23. Game-Changer
24. Upcycle
25. Macaron
26. Gastropub
27. Bling
28. Speed dating
29. Sudoku
30. Bromance
31. Selfie
32. Unfriend
33. Staycation
34. Baby bump
35. Binge-watch
36. Locavore
37. Listicle
38. Photobomb
39. Face Palm
40. Humblebrag
Now, I have a question to ask.
How many times did you go to the dictionary to look up any of the words?
Admittedly, I went several times looking for definitions, but not before I watched an informercial; took a not so good selfie; checked my voice mail; unfriended a few folks on my social media; and got dressed by accenting my outfit with a stylish black hoodie.
Just so you know, I am on my way to meet my number one and only daughter who is a millennial and who can be occasionally classified as a shopaholic. Since she is a bonafide fashionista, she is entitled. In fact, I love the bling, bling that she accents her style with.
The guys say she is eye candy. I agree; she is absolutely stunning!
See what these new words have done!
What a difference 40 years has made.
So, that’s my shout-out for today.
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