By Vernalee

He loves me. He loves me not.
We are familiar with that nursery rhyme and its scenic demonstration of picking petals off of flowers. If the last petal ends with “he loves me,” then love is in the air.
Childish; right?
For certain, love is not a game.
Quite the contrary!
Love is a powerful emotion.
We women desire the love and affection from our man; and vice versa.
Many times, we want to hear him whisper the words, “I love you.”
Are the words more important than the actions?
Would you rather that he shows you than tell you?
Or are you one of those who wants a combination of both?
Don’t answer!
That is why this caption, 9 Signs of a Man’s love, stopped many of the female homo sapiens in our tracks.
Let’s take a look at the “man” signs of this emotion called – LOVE.
Here we go!
1. He caters to you.
2. He wants to hang out with you … a lot.
3. Sex isn’t the main factor for him.
4. He keeps you in mind when making major decisions.
5. He tells you things he’s never told anyone.
6. He doesn’t flirt with other women.
7. He doesn’t mind talking about the future.
8. He shows you off.
9. He loves making you feel special.
Stop being greedy!
Is 9 enough or do you want 10 reasons?
Your number is yours, but having a man who loves, adores, respects, admire, care … and shows it … is good enough for many!
He will extraordinarily and habitually do so in all ways.
That is the hope.
That is what counts; right?
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