By Vernalee
Birthdays…we love the celebrations. It is the one day of the year that it is all about us! We get gifts, cake and ice cream. Yum! Many of our celebrations spill over into the workplace. Such was the case recently with a distant friend. In a decorative wrapped box, he received some interesting goodies:
2 -40 oz. Bottles of St. Ives beer,
1 – bucket of chicken,
1 – watermelon, and
1- lottery ticket.
You have probably guessed that my friend is Black and his gift giving colleagues are White. So, two white guys gave a 6’5″ tall Black man, gifts that had inherent racial overtones. Scary! It was hilariously amusing to them; no different from the folks who drew caricatures of the White House with watermelons growing on President Obama’s lawn as if he is the “Farmer in the Dell!” Go figure!
Playing the race card may produce unanticipated results. Remember that lottery ticket…. Well it hit the jackpot! The winner took his proceeds and bought a palatial ranch, planted a watermelon garden, raised chickens, and sat in his hot tub drinking champagne instead of beer; all courtesy of his former White colleagues who purchased the winning ticket! He is now a Black millionaire who no longer has to work! Who’s laughing now? The joke is on them … And they get sick every day when they punch in at work! Money knows no color. It is always a spendable green. Cha Ching!
Photo reprint:
(A fictional account of the absolute truth).