By Vernalee
On our recent trip, my daughter and nieces took photographs posing next to rows of cotton in one the Mississippi delta’s cotton fields. As I snapped their varied poses, so many stories about picking and hoeing cotton came to mind. One of my Mother’s famous stories is how she picked over 200 pounds of cotton each day to pay for my oldest sister’s class ring. ….Things that we Mothers do never cease to amaze me! Back in the day, you could literally stay in the fields in the hot burning sun for 12 hours and make $10.00 if that! Imagine that salary in exchange for a physically draining experience! Yet, so many parents in the southern states, with little or no education relied on the cotton fields to “feed their families” and to survive. So, when we complain about our cushy desk chair not being comfortable enough, think about our hard working ancestors who toiled the soil, supported their families, and made everyone rich but themselves! I become mentally and physically exhausted …and angry… just thinking about it! Let us never forget their sweat! Their historical cotton field days were not a photographical memory like the one that my nieces placed on Facebook. Theirs was a way of life; of survival!
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