By Vernalee
imageThe phrase “A day late and a dollar short” generally means that someone has both missed an opportunity and been inexcusably unprepared for it. A briefer translation of this saying could be “too late and too little.” It can also refer to an unfavorable review of a person’s efforts as poorly timed and too inadequate to make any improvements to a given outcome.
Some folks say it’s never too late, but in all reality … that’s simply is not true.
It’s dangerous to procrastinate assuming that the opportunity will reappear. It is imperative that we “make hay while the sun is shining.”
We should stand prepared to avail ourselves of today’s opportunities. Tomorrow may be too late. A catchy phrase, Terri McMillian wrote a book turned movie featuring it as a title. Though Johnny Mathis’ and Denise Williams’ harmonious collaboration on “Too Much, too little, too late” is one of my favorite tunes, the saying is not. The downward slide is precisely what happens in misguided relationships, both personal and professional; on misdirected career and entrepreneurial pursuits; and in various aspects of failed opportunities in life when we are “a day late and a dollar short!” A day and a dollar are not appreciable amounts of time or money, but if your timing is off or late, the amount or hour don’t matter; you fell “short.” The bottom line is the outcome … which your shortcomings though diminutive may eventually cost you an amount greater than great!
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