By Vernalee
imageA fool and his money are soon parted is an expression which refers to people stupidly and foolishly spending money without thinking about it . Their haphazard spending habits can leave them penniless.
They are known for their careless disregard for money. Old folks would say, “They spend money like its going out of style; “They just throw their money away;” “They blow their money the minute they get it; “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
If you don’t take care of your bare necessities and essentials before splurging, falling into this category is easy. Budgetary planning is for the wise. Finances for the fool with money are always “up in the air” which is why they can go from riches to rags before you can blink your eye!
Financial prudence is better than calculated brokenness. If what’s going out is more than what’s coming in, there is a problem; a shortfall or deficit as accountants would say. To rectify this matter, either you must add, multiply, or make up the difference. Using “Solomon’s wisdom” won’t hurt. Handling money is a learned skill set. It is challenging and not easy. Most of us struggle with money management and have to watch every penny. It really does start with the lowest denomination. For certain, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Now,
a penny for your thoughts …
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