By Vernalee
fed ex
Most of us have received memorable and unforgettable gifts. What was one of yours? Mine was received almost twenty three years ago. Being absorbed in one of my business ventures, I was up to my elbows in work with little time to spare. Much to my surprise, I received this big box from federal express. It was from my Mother! “What was it?” I wondered.
The box contained my Christmas gift. Out came a pound cake, ham, turkey and dressing, and side dishes! Though she was 1,000 miles away, I was eating my Mother’s delicious cooking! The food never tasted so good! “I froze it firmly, so that it would be just right for you and the children,” were her words when I called to thank her. I don’t know if it was the deliciousness, thoughtfulness, or love that felt best! They all did! What a gift all wrapped up with an outpouring of Mother’s love!
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