By Vernalee
Granddaughter teaching grandmother how to use a cell phone
Once upon a time, there was the telephone land line. Now, there are cellular phones everywhere. Teaching the older population cell phone techniques has its challenges, but my children taught their Granny well. “Grandma, all you have to do is just pick up your cell and talk. We have programmed it to do everything automatically.” The learning didn’t stop there! To understand, I have to take you for a walk down memory lane. In the late 1990’s, I had to install a second telephone line because I could never comfortably talk on my phone without my children’ callers interrupting me. Then, before I realized it, my children started calling me on my telephone line from theirs. “Hey Mommy, if you go downstairs, would you be so kind as to please bring us up some snacks and juice? Thank you so much my dear Mommy. ” Translated: That statement meant, “March downstairs Mommy and get us some food!” I was so taken by their politeness that I did it! Down the stairs, I went! Wow, I can’t believe my naivety and their shrewdness. Now, guess what! My daughter has once again taught her Granny by repurposing an old system. Why reinvent the wheel?
“Hey Grandma; Let me teach you the ropes since Mommy has never installed an intercom system in this house. Geez! Use your cell phone and call her if you don’t feel like moving. We did it growing up and it worked marvelously every time!” Now, my Mother calls me from her room on her cellular to performed task. I am lovingly at her beck and call; but this time, it is a blessing to be of service. In fact, it is a great honor. The second time around is better! My kids’ shenanigans of old produced a great deed!
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