By Vernalee
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As a young girl, I once heard an old lady say, “Once you decide to have children, remember they never go away.”  “Surely they do,” I whispered to my girlfriend.  She and I were counting our days for we couldn’t wait to get out of the Mississippi delta.  That old lady certainly did not know what she was talking about was our thought!   Years later, the veracity of her statement was not only proven, but has become a dominant presence in my life.

What the wise lady was referring to was not a physical departure.  Her words validate the axiom, “When they (children) are little, they sit on your lap; when they are older, they rest on your heart.”

Yes, our children are physically, spiritually, and emotionally present with us forever.  They never leave!

When my children were small, I carried them around, nursed them, and was responsible for taking care of them and essentially providing for their well-being.  As they grew older, my role changed, but their presence in my life and mine in theirs, remained the same.  We are – I am pleased to report “ever so present in the spirit of each other.”

I love my son, daughter, and grandson so incredibly deep that there are no words that can truly verbalize the depth of my emotions.  I am a lucky woman to have them in my life; truly fortunate.

I cherish our respective relationships.  I enjoy the role of advisor.  Equally as important as my advice and guidance rendered to them, I too have grown immensely from their advice.  It is a two way street.

Candidly, I must admit that back in the day, I struggled with them not cleaning their room, leaving dishes in the sink, not making their bed, not washing clothes, and the other nuisances that laziness produces.  Really, in all actuality, my children had taken over the house and gave me a room!  I even had to order a private telephone line for me, because I could never get on my phone.  They secretly made purchases that I was unaware of, stayed out beyond their curfew, skipped classes, and did many mischievous deeds.  Admittedly, truth be told, I did what they did at their age, but with more finesse.

All kidding aside, overall they are good, well mannered, respectful children….at least in my presence.  I was also taught, “When you have children, you live in a glass house, so I throw no stones!”    Yes, behind the scenes, there were days that I could have pulled my hair out as I dealt with their issues. They kept me on “bended knee.”

In all honesty, after experiencing the empty nest syndrome, I missed the chatter of feet running through my house.    I missed their physical presence.  Thank goodness for Face Time and other technological advances that facilitates nearness.   The children and I epitomize phenomenon closeness.  I cannot wait to be graced with their presence; to see them, hug them, and kiss them.

They honor me as their Mother with superlative love and incredible respect. Praise God! The respect and love are mutual.

I am blessed to have them.  Thank you Heavenly Father for placing them in my life!  I just can’t get enough of them….but I am glad that they are out of my house.  It’s much peaceful and cleaner now and everything is where I left it!

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