By Vernalee
article-new-thumbnail_ehow_images_a08_8l_k4_stop-teenager-being-disrespectful-disobedient-800x800No matter how disobedient children become, motherly love never ceases. I recently listened to a Mother’s remorseful cry about her teenage son’s wayward behavior. As tears rolled down her eyes, we all felt her pain. No Mother wants to see her child go astray or fall victim to the dangers in the streets. “I worry because he is a follower,” she exclaimed. Chiming in was her Grandmother. “Child, stay with him. Don’t give up! Pray for him. Turn him over to God!” We can be the best parents, but it doesn’t always mean that our children will listen or take heed to our directions / instructions. Humanely, this young Mother may “give out,” but she simply cannot “give up!” One day, her messages may eventually reach her son’s heart when he realizes how much heartache he has caused! As Mothers, our children move from our laps to our hearts! That is where they will always stay!
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