By Vernalee black, white coupleInterracial dating is the name that has been typically used when different races date. Later, it was spiced up with colloquial expressions including references as ebony and ivory harmony and zebra coating. Last week, I heard a new name that was quite sexy; vanilla swirling.

As Black women explore their options, don’t be surprised to see an upsurge of their venturing out with other races and cultures; as do their racial counterparts.

Food for thought: Should race matter when someone makes you happy? Is love colored? Will Black men shadily look at Black women dating White men with roving eyes? Will Black men say that the White guys are taking the better educated, most beautiful, and top money making Black women (the cream of the crop) leaving them with the bottom of the barrel leftovers? Will they be resentful if Black women proportionately marry White men because the privileged White guys can expose them to greener pastures; sooner, at least? Who knows what they might think, do, or say?

Fair play – may be what the Black dating woman strolling with her new White beau might say! She may reciprocally ask, “Is there anything wrong with vanilla swirl dessert?”

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