By Vernalee
Most of us have special touches that we utilize to decorate our homes. Without question, my photo collection is mine. Even if I may brag, it is quite impressive! I have assembled photos that tell a story. It depicts my family’s history … in the making. I can’t wait to add a vintage piece of my great-grandmother Minnie that my Mother is “handing down” to me. I am thrilled at the thought of placing such a prized possession on my walls. It’s a family heirloom. When family members come to my home, they stay on the landing of the stairs for an extensive period of time. I have portrait photos and collages of the majority of my family. Assembly of the photos is a meticulous undertaking. Recently, my five year old great niece was photo gazing and said, “Aunt Verna loves us because she has our pictures on her wall!” That comment paid for the frames and my efforts!
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