By Vernalee
Call me naïve though I am in my 60’s. Certainly, I should know better! Maybe, it’s only human nature to believe that people will do what they say. Admittedly, I always find redeeming qualities in people. I tend to look for the good, not the bad. So what if they make mistakes; we all do. We can rebound! Dr. Maya Angelou said – “people should do better once they know better.” Well, I believed and I got duped once again; hoodwinked in fact! When people have questionable character, only they can change that; not you! I hold true to the barometer of hope. I guess I will always be an eternal optimist, but realism sheds its light on the truth! Pristine to the phrase’s definition, “a tiger doesn’t change its stripes;” man doesn’t change his essential nature. That is a truism … regardless!
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