By Vernalee

Yesterday, my Mother was laid to rest in Glen Allan, Mississippi.
Though she can no longer hear, see, or read my tribute, the memories of her are sketched in my heart, my children’s hearts, the family’s hearts, and in the midst of the lives that she touched.
Here’s to you Momma!

A Tribute to my dear Mother,
There are not enough words that can express my love for you. Like a broken record, my love for you was no secret because I told you every day how much I loved you and how special you were to me and my family.
I have always felt honored to call you my Mother so much so that your name was the only name that I chose for my daughter – Phoebe.
I am blessed that you taught my children the same values that you taught me. Truly, our values and beliefs help determine our destiny.
You have never left my side from rocking me in your lap to keeping me on your heart. Only miles separated us, but we were always connected through one heartbeat.
As a Mother, you taught me the traditional things – how to sew, clean, and cook. However, you provided me with so much more – lifelong lessons that I will never forget. You taught me how to be a loving Mother with a disciplinary hand, how to love, and how to be a strong responsible woman/professional by standing up for my convictions. Implanted in my soul are your words of wisdom and traditional Mississippi sayings.
There are several that stand out. “Watch your tongue. Everything that you think, you don’t need to say; Always be the bigger person by doing the right thing; Take care of your kids, because one day they might have to take care of you; Be right with people because the same elevator that took you up will bring you down!”
My Mother, Miss Phoebe … I Love you so much. I will never forget you. Scooter will never forget you. Your namesake Phoebe will definitely never forget you.
Though your spirit rests in Heaven, you will remain in our hearts forever.
Rest in Peace,