By Vernalee
Though the Wicked Witch of the West is a fictional character from the Wizard of Oz, don’t be surprised if you occasionally see a similar character gallivanting around in your midst on her broomstick. A colleague of mine recently reported a sighting of a Wicked Workplace Witch on her job site. She indicated that this witch terrorizes employees with her tactics. Included in her daily antics and mannerism are the emotional shouting matches. Belligerently talking to her peers, coupled with degrading insults are standard operating procedures. The staff routinely gets a break because she regularly travels to exotic lands while attending expensive seminars. Though broomstick travel would be cheaper and environmentally friendly, she uses Delta Airlines instead. Her broomstick is packed in her Louis Vuitton luggage that she parks at the Ritz Carlton. Her behavior is wildly bizarre and outrageous at work, but no one “checks” her; perhaps because she is in the executive suite. How’s that for negatively showing your subordinates how to professionally behave! So that the staff can be rescued, let’s call Dorothy and her crew from Oz. I hope that the Tin Man tags along! Throwing water on this workplace witch may do the trick! If she melts and fades away, the staff will joyously and triumphantly sing, “Ding Dong, The Witch is gone!” Let’s just hope that she doesn’t cast a spell and reappear somewhere “Over the Rainbow!”
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