By Vernalee
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Tired I am of people who can never rise to the occasion because they are laden down with day old, dollar short excuses! I refer to them as the “I was gonna do” folks. They always acknowledge what their course of action would have been after the fact. “I was gonna” take care of that, but I found out too late. “I was gonna” pay but I got the bill after it was paid. Stop buying those lamed excuses! Their “I was gonna do” should be I am doing! It’s simple when you change the tense of the verb from past to present tense. When the change occurs so does the action if it is honored. “I was gonna” should not enter your presence so that you do not become a recipient of broken promises. I don’t normally speak in colloquial terms, but I like to “take it to the streets” every now and then because “I am not gonna” be a victim of what “you were gonna do” anymore!