By Vernalee
imageEveryday of the week, I write about a topical subject on my blog. I reserve my Sunday’s for a delivery of my spiritual thoughts.
So today, I just want to pray and thank God!
“First, I thank you Lord for life and your covering. I ask you to bless my children, grands, loved ones, and me with healthy bodies and minds.
Strengthen me Heavenly Father to be a better Mother, GrandMother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, cousin, person, entrepreneur, writer, companion, and friend to all who need me.
Guide me; order my steps.
Guide my children Lord in their decisions and everyday living.
Protect my loved ones and me from dangers.
Help me to give before someone asks.
Let me be ears and a go to person for those in needs.
Help me to build bridges to carry over those who need a lift.
Help me and selected ones to remove the distance in our relationships where we should be closer than close.
Lord, plant the right people in my life and remove the thorns.
Help me to further develop my talents and use them wisely.
Keep me in sober mind so that I can be the guide for those who need a light shone to illuminate their path.
Help me to reach the mountaintop personally, professionally, financially, spiritually and relationally.
Let me deliver and exemplify the Word in all that I do to the delight and pleasure of you Lord.
Use me Lord.
Help me to become closer to you God. Teach me what I need to know. Show me what I need to do. Shape me to your liking.
Hear my prayers.
Father God, I have so much to say and tons to ask. I can go on and on. The beauty of you Lord is that you know my thoughts before I utter the words; my actions before I lift a hand; my history, my beginning, my everything … You know it all! Sometimes, Lord (as you know), it’s therapeutic for me to just write it on paper, to speak aloud as I am doing today.
I thank you this morning for dealing with me. I can be a bit much sometimes, but I need you Lord. Thank you for showing up in my life. Thank you for never leaving my side. Thank you for my blessings. Thank you for listening. Thank you for everything. Amen.”
On this Sunday, 9/11, I offer prayers to the over 3,000 families whose loved ones were killed in NYC, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania on this tragic day, September 11, 2001. God bless!
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