By Vernalee
The time is now; the clock is ticking. With the Apple Watch official introduction this week, we have a high tech time machine that we can sport on our wrist! Groovy! Stylish – this watch is a computer that even tells time like our old perfunctory Timex! Imagine that! Just when a lot of folks had stopped wearing watches relying instead on their cell phones to tell time, the watch is back! Featured in several styles, the Apple Watch will range in price from $349 to $10,000. At first glance, it reminded me of Dick Tracy speaking into his 2 way radio watch! Amazing! With our Apple Watch, we can do dictation, send emails, write messages, and above all – talk to our wrist (the watch, that is) via the watch’s audio assistant, Siri on the Speak Screen. Wow, when we finally got our children to shut up, we have a replacement, a talking watch! Go figure. Just what we need, a “motor mouth” watch that talks back!
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