By Vernalee
Feeling lonely in a crowd is nothing new. Many have felt the isolation. Worse than being alone is expecting the presence of someone who should be by your side, but they are no where to be found! Busted! Being a crowd pleaser is in many respects no longer vogue.
The man who follows the crowd will not get any farther than the crowd.
So what’s the catch?
Is it better to be lonely alone than to be lonely in a crowd?
It takes nothing to stand in a crowd. It takes a lot to stand alone.
What does it feel like to have a purportedly or self confessed cling along person who is a regular absentee? How does it feel to be lonely when your companion disappears, but makes occasional Harry Houdini appearances? What they do is just enough to escape an indictment, but not enough to cushion the love and support that should accompany their presence. Think about it, “if their actions were politically correct and emotionally supportive, no one including you could ask, “Where is he/she?” When you arrive, they are already there with open arms welcoming you! Now that’s what I’m talking about! So I ask … Do you feel all alone? Do you feel as if you’re by yourself? Are your expectations wishful thinking or reality based?
Stop! Don’t answer! And please don’t have a pity party. Stop exaggerating others’ worth when it’s not visible. Get with the program of knowing who’s who and who is not (in your life). The chameleons show up regularly and without notice. Is an appointment necessary for disappointments?
Eventually, you’ll wise up. You will realize that promises are often broken. You will discover the folks who talk out of both sides of their mouth very elegantly. You will know exactly where you stand, where they stand, and how close and secure the proximity is?
You will come to the greatest understanding in your life; a visibility that unlocks the mystery door. You will have revealed right before your very eyes this great fact!
You’ll never alone as long as you have the Lord! I just heard a pastor give a compelling sermon about making the necessary switches. Perhaps, it’s time for your switch-a-roo.
Stop making a man your savior. Once you permanently switch to the Lord, you’ll never feel lonely again; not temporarily, not for a second. Never! You’ll wake up with The Lord; go to bed with him (Zzz); walk with him; talk with him; be with him incessantly! Your loneliness has suddenly been washed down the drain. You are fresh and anew! Enjoy!
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