By Vernalee
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Decades ago, I gave the master bedroom suite to my daughter. Located on the back wing of the house, it is a sizeable bedroom with an in suite bathroom. My rationale for doing this was to provide a space to keep my daughter and her little girlfriends “out of my hair.” Situated in a world all by itself, this move smartly provided me privacy. It also provided a contented watchful eye! I always knew what she and her girlfriends were doing! Consequently, we had one of the “Kool Aid” houses as our home was routinely full of giggling adolescent girls.

Interestingly enough, though I am still the master of my house, the master bedroom is empty until my daughter returns home. Since I gave her this room, I find it difficult to reclaim it.

I have tried to sleep in my spacious master bedroom, but the space seems so foreign. I consider it my daughter’s room despite her leaving over a decade ago. Go figure!

Some things never change. I guess this is one of them!
Photo reprint: HGTV