By Vernalee
We often hear of the dangers of social media, particularly when it is used for the wrong reasons. Recently, a husband was at a family picnic. The caveat was that he was with his outside woman, who coincidentally posted his appearance on Facebook. It turned out that the cheating husband’s wife’s friend saw the post and alerted his wife! The rest is history! Busted! There are also good stories as well! A management consultant and author related the fact that a company used Facebook and found 10 investors who put in $100,000 each. Cha Ching! Many stories (good or bad) abound. I love this one! There was a couple who knew each other from high school, went their separate ways, and were reconnected decades later through a mutual follower on Instagram! Today, they are the perfect couple with similar personal, professional, and spiritual goals. “They got it going on!” Their instagram “picture was worth more than a thousand words.” It is proving to be worth a lifetime of happiness! Speaking of a match made in Heaven …. they are! Work it!
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