By Vernalee
I count Julius Caesar as my most favored Shakespearian play. The plot is absolutely fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time. Often I have imagined how Caesar felt when he was attacked by a mob. Sadder still was when he saw his friend Marcus Brutus in the crowd. “Et tu Brute?” was supposedly his last words. The Latin phrase which translates into – “and you too Brutus?” – was I am sure just as devastatingly piercing as the knife that entered his back. To be betrayed by your closest ally, your buddy, your friend is an unexpected course of nature. Those are the people that you expect to care and be on your side, to be your protectors, to warn you rather than participate in destroying you. If you as I have uttered the words, “Et tu Brute?” with our Brutus having a contemporary presence of a John, Sally, Jane, or George…how sad! What’s even sadder is that our friends know us so well that they can destroy us inconspicuously and effortlessly. We, like Caesar would never know what hit us! Since today’s technology gives unparalleled access, we should “keep our enemies close and our friends, closer.” Ineffably, a betrayal by your friend is atrociously calamitous! It is a disloyalty that dreadfully lives within your soul forever!
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