By Vernalee
One of my colleagues on the West coast was describing her boss who is a conniving conspirator. He is quarterbacking a coup to oust her, destroy her credibility, and publicly defame her character. The strange coincidence is that his conduct mirrors a person who lives in a city thousands of miles away. Pathological liars and implementers of cruelty they both are. The two, via their personalities and conduct are so incredibly similar that it is hard to discern who’s who! Both are smarty pants, evil, and mean spirited. Maybe, they are related. Exercising foolishness and destroying dreams are their identifying trademarks. So, I took a road trip to see this so called twin. After we met, I was stunned at their likeness. There was only one significant difference. One boss is a male; the other, a female. The net effects of their cruelties and actions are so incredibly horrible that it doesn’t matter that one sits; while the other stands when they go to the bathroom!
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