By Vernalee
It’s here! My birthday! Praise God for another year of life! Thank you Jesus!
Recently, I told a colleague that my birthday was in March. He said, “Congratulations!” Strange comment, I thought. Then, I pondered! It is a blessing to wake up each day; to have God’s covering grace of life, good health, and my needs being met! Philippians 4:19 states that, “My God will meet your every need according to the riches of his glory in Jesus Christ.” So today on my date of birth, I say, “Thank you Jesus for keeping me.!” Let me become a better Christian, Mother, Granny, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, writer, professional, person …..This Ides of March is a celebration of God’s glory and blessings in my life. Truly, living 60 plus years of life is a blessing! I am immensely grateful for God’s covering grace; continuance of life; and loving, caring, wonderful people who show me great love everyday of my life! Thank you my loved ones for being there for me and making my life and particularly my birthdays special. You know who you are as I! I have learned to take nothing for granted. So I am filled with humility, appreciation, and love today!
Happy Sunday! God Bless!