By Vernalee
Are you in a relationship by yourself?
Does that question seem unrealistic?
How can you be in a relationship, a state of being reserved for two people, by yourself? It doesn’t add up or make sense.
Does it?
Before you have an Einstein Relativity Moment, do know that it is possible.
Some may have experienced the effects.
It’s akin to swimming upstream.
It’s like talking to yourself hearing the echo of only one voice; yours.
The emotionless Gravity is penetrating.
Your mate is ever so present physically, but emotionally and mentally he is not there.
Speaking of lonely and facing the world alone in the presence of someone that you love and who purportedly love you, now you have it!
Is your or his heart closed?
Are you or him withdrawn or uncommunicative?
Are you or him unavailable whereby you are disconnected from each other?
Are you or him unrealistically judgmental of each other (thoughts, feelings, looks, actions) to the extent that you are overwhelmed and cannot handle conflict?
Are you lonely with him in the room?
Hush your mouth!
It is not a good feeling; trust me.
Where did the love go?
Can it be restored to its once beheld luster?
Sure, it can!
The only requirement is that it takes two!
If both of you cannot commit to the emotional and loving wellbeing of each other, you are walking in the sand alone; this time without the view of adjacent footprints.
If that happens …
You are indeed tragically alone physically and emotionally in the relationship by yourself!
Now the question becomes …
Why are you there?
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