royal-rbc-650-up-to-1,000-bills-minute-electric-cash-counterBy Vernalee
Some things are better left simple. We need not complex the issue.
I was watching the Today Show this week and there was a feature on money machines that count dollar bills and coins. Apparently, the machine was registering an amount less than what was inserted. In other words, the money machine was shortchanging (i.e. cheating) the customer by computing a lesser amount.
That’s money; dollar bills y’all! Now, allow me to ask a personal question. You don’t have to answer – your prerogative; but it is certainly food for thought. Are you being shortchanged? Are people giving you less than what is expected / deserved or less than you are giving them? Are you allowing them to do so by settling for less? Before answering, it begs to ask another salient question, “If technology cheats you, why wouldn’t people?”
Stop! Don’t let them get away with it! Just like you count your dollars; it may be wise to take account of what you are receiving from people. The measuring spoon belongs to you as does the ability to take or leave what you found on the table … if it doesn’t measure up! As you become wiser so does your counting proficiencies. Emotional mathematics will become one of your stronger suits. The outcome is what counts; what adds up! Do the math!
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