By Vernalee
Are you out on a limb? Are you out there by yourself when everyone else is comfortably sitting down in their Lazyboy recliners? Why; may I ask or is it none of my business?
Being out on a limb typically places you in a difficult, vulnerable position where you lack support. It’s not a desirable position and poses great risks. Oops, watch it; be careful that you don’t fall! I just made an interesting observation: No one is facing the risks but you! Amazing! It’s not the best way to learn survival techniques, but if you are out there, it will teach you a lesson or two. Prevention and minimizing risks may be several lessons learned. Falling is certainly not a desired outcome. Injuries (both physical and emotional), are bound to occur if that happens. Balancing yourself on that skinny limb will also show you whose on your side, whose not; and who will be there to catch you if you fall! Hopefully, the answers to those questions are illuminating before your very eyes. Who might it be; who is your catcher / great protector? Hmm. A penny for your thoughts! I hope that you don’t come up short! People that you thought that you could count on can disappear with a blink of the eye! We learn as we live! The worst case scenario is that the hard ground will catch you … bruises and all … if all else fails. In the future, limit your exposure! Walking on flat ground is a better choice than swinging from trees! A calculated risk, it’s safer too!
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