By Vernalee

Driver? Passenger? Both have its pros and cons. If you are the driver, for certain you determine the final destination. You control the speed, the stops, and the turns; who you pick up and who you put out. When you are in the driver’s seat, it is imperative that you concentrate. You have to watch your moves and that of the other drivers. More stress, I’ll say.
Of course, there is less stress as a passenger. Passengers can relax, look out the windows, watch the scenery, and see views that the driver can’t see. They also get to same place, if that is their point of destination without the aggravation or stress. If they wanted to go elsewhere, they are out of luck. Basically, it boils down to leading and following. It’s a wonderful thing, if the passenger and driver are in sync. With different views, they can help each other as they collectively navigate their course.
Bottom line: If you keep moving and stay on course, you will arrive – whether you are a passenger or driver! Pick your seat!
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