By Vernalee
Thriving business; fantastic career; big house; new car; extravagant jewelry / clothes, lavish vacations …..all are ideal scenarios of materialism!
Sounds good! Oh yes! But what happens to your psyche when all of these things belong to someone else? Are you truly happy for them or are you jealous that they have more things than you? Do you like to see people do good or do you resent it particularly when they are doing better than you? Misery loves company; does it not? I’m sorry …do I sense a twinge of jealousy and abundant envy? Jealousy is not a good utilization of your time; you end up spending more time on others – than yourself! What a waste! Get out of the equalization mode and realize / achieve your greatness! Did it ever occur to you that the people who “have it all,” worked very hard to be in that position? Realign your priorities and thinking! Put your time to better use. The time that you spend looking at other folks’ stuff, you could utilize on acquiring your own! Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses! Don’t worry (about theirs); be happy (about yours)!
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