By Vernalee
view from the corner
The O’Jays had a song in the 1970’s called Backstabbers. Their song referred to romantic backstabbers. Needless to say, there are tons of office backstabbers who sit next to you in their cubicles and offices. Let’s call them your office roommates. They converse with you daily (skinning and grinning). Sometimes daily, you and your office roommate go out to lunch. Unbeknownst to you, they are plotting your demise. If there is a promotion for grabs, their “Mack truck” maneuvers will run over you. In a clandestine fashion, they carry their knives behind their backs. Although there is no frontal view of the weaponry, your “frenemies” aim to destroy you with calculated stabs. Unfortunately, many who have fallen at the hand of the back stabber don’t recognize the blow until they are hit, because the attacker has a smile from ear to ear on their face before the tragic blow. Don’t feel bad, the best of us have been fooled by those smiley faces. Learn from experiences and don’t get stabbed twice! For goodness sake, recognize that three times is not the charm!
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