By Vernalee
Today is Thanksgiving! Thank you Heavenly Father! As we cook, bless the meal, and enjoy the day off, it is a joyous time of reflection. Oh yes … Thanksgiving is more than a day of the huge feast – turkey, ham, dressing, cakes, and pies; though the delectable food is yummy to our tummies! It is a day to be thankful – thankful for life, loved ones, family, friends, and the amenities of living! Recognized as one of the busiest travel times, many people travel near and far to be with and share time with people that they love. Kindred spirits are the order of the day. On the flip side, the holidays can be a lonely time for some! Some people are not as fortunate to have people who sincerely and lovingly care about them in their lives. So this holiday season, let’s share our fortunes of love, kindness, and resources with others. Give financial blessings and blessings of your time. Let not your love be superficial; ignoring the needs of others. Turning your head is not an option. God will see you if you do. Let your love be overflowing like a cornucopia. I am sure that the recipients of your generosity will be thankful! For certain, you would have left them better than you found them! That feeling should fill your soul as much as the Thanksgiving meal filled your tummy! Happy Thanksgiving!
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