By Vernalee
Yes, I am still on the topic of FRIENDSHIP.
The topic never grows old.
So let’s examine our wish list.
It is unreasonable to expect from others what you are not willing to give.
That sounds hypocritical…don’t you think?
So whatever attributes you desire in and from a friend, you should be willing to give to a friend.
Fair play; agreed?.
Listen up.
1. Avoid competition.
2. Avoid gossip.
3. Confront wisely.
4. Forgive.
5. Maintain friendships through different stages of life.
6. Celebrate best friends.
7. Let your friendships serve as a mirror.
8. Allow unexpected friendships to change you, if needed.
9. Help create a healthy community of friends.
10. Deal with space.
11. Explore your expectations.
12. Befriend yourself.
Who can you confidentially talk to and get the best possible advice?
Who wants you to succeed no matter what? Who will be there for you when everyone walks away?
Who will be there when you are up, down or turnaround? Everyone needs someone. No one is an island.
Having a true friend is valuable. True friendship doesn’t come around often.
If you have one true friend, you are lucky. Two – would be a steal!
When you find a true friend, keep him or her close. Don’t ask for something that you are not willing to give! Think of others; do for others. Don’t be a talker only; show that you care. Cherish being a true friend as much as having a true friend! It’s a treasure!
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