By Vernalee
“Ain’t too proud to beg” was a hit song for Motown in 1966. The Temptations led by David Ruffin harmonized it well. It had a great beat for dancing. I remember stepping to the groove! That was a song, but what happens when we move from song and dance to everyday living?
To beg is a last ditch effort for some; a common commodity for the lazy; and a place that contrary to the song’s lyrics, that the prideful care not to occupy. Begging is not a pretty sight. Even the most humble of the crowd would probably not want to stoop that low. Sometimes, falling to your knees with your hat in your hand is required. When you beg, your options belong not to you, but to others.
Said differently and by definition, Beggars can’t be choosers means “If someone gives you something you asked for, you should not complain about what you get; you must accept whatever you can get.” The definition continues to include these statements.
* “Those in dire need must be content with what they get.
* People who depend on the generosity of others are in no position to dictate what others give them.”
So where does that leave you? Will you settle for something other than what you want? Yes or no? It’s simple. Either you put yourself in a position where you can decide for yourself or you can rely on others deciding for you.
We know that life circumstances can land you in positions not to your liking or choosing. Lifting yourself up and helping yourself are options. Never stop trying to better yourself.
Self sufficiency beats begging. Though you never want to cut off the hands that feed you, it is desirable to learn to hunt and fish so that you can feed yourself. Be a doer; not a beggar – is a better motto. Don’t you think? If begging becomes a lifestyle when other options are available to change your condition, there is a problem. Pity the fool.
You can have your hands out for hand me downs or you can work your hands to achieve your heart desires. You choose! It’s probably better to have your destiny in your hands. Ocassionaly, there may be a few selfless ones who will put you first. Caution: Before you go down that road of reliance on the selfless, please know that they are far and in between. Don’t take my word for it! Think! How many have you met?
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